Easy Pumpkin Fish Porridge For Your Baby

Easy Pumpkin Fish Porridge For Your Baby

Hi guys I’m here today to share with you guys a very simple recipe share with me by a follower Thank You dealer money so I’m here to make it today and all you need is four or five cups of water depending on the consistency of the porridge that you prefer and 1/2 cup of rice 1 fillet of Morehu.

And in case you don’t know why I did it is trapped in and one cup of cube butternut pumpkin okay so what we have to do is first wash the rice and then put it into the rice.

Cooker we follow five cups of water and as for the fish you can leave slice it throw it into the rice cooker as well so that.

The flavor of the fish can really get into the porridge and as for the butternut pumpkin you have it and then you cube it and then just throw.

It into the Philips ependymal blender so why I love this recipe so much and.

Why I choose to share with you guys how I.

Meredith and then fish fish is rich in omega-3 acids and butternut pumpkin is naturally sweet and it’s a good source of carbohydrate and whistles of fiber as well right so while the porridge is cooking will prepare the pumpkin first I only need about.

Half of this so using pumpkin now with the power because it has this really sweet taste it will really enhance the flavor of the fish porridge make I will be singing a pumpkin and why I choose to sleep is.

With the steam the best way to preserve the flavor and nutrients so today I’ll be using the Phyllis Evan combines picker blender I really like it because it allows me to cook in small quantity later and it comes with this amazing cup is like a guide to tell me how much water to add and how long to simple here’s a.

Nice that I’m gonna flip it to plan it and next I’m gonna be doing is to extrapolate in okay I’ve done as you can see the consistency is really small if something like what you get from work or baby food experts say instead about this is there’s no preservatives and it’s fresh and the apples.

In a blender if you always meet as well as vegetable so you can really play around any recipe with one tell you about how porridge can get really boring sometimes but for this recipe there is the flavor of the fish and there is the sweetness of the.

Butternut pumpkin it is really good luck that you like it don’t you and you should check out the other recipes in the cookbook can–but to try all of them from you.


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