Meal Plan & Grocery Haul 2/25/18 – 3/3/18 ~ Our Family Of 4

Meal Plan & Grocery Haul 2/25/18 – 3/3/18 ~ Our Family Of 4

Hey guys I’m so excited to be back with a meal plan for this week and a grocery haul video getting back on track and getting back to being accountable for the food that I buy and the meals that I make so let’s go ahead and check out this week’s meal plan and groceries is for the current week of.

February 25th which was yesterday so sorry to give this video up I actually went grocery shopping today the 26th and I’ll explain what’s been going on through March the 3rd so I’ve got some really easy recipes these are recipes that I’ve used and this week on my channel I’m gonna have a yummy treat.

That I’m gonna go ahead and make and share in a video hopefully if it comes out good I have not made this before.

Definitely click that Bell notification make sure you subscribe to see what I am making this week last couple weeks have been crazy I mean you know how life gets when you’re trying.

To plan grocery shopping plan your family my mother was in the hospital so that was a very.

Hard time and she’s still been sick she has gout now so.

It’s just a multitude of things that have been going on my son got sick and then most recently I got sick so I have been sick for like two weeks non-stop just crazy with all these flu bugs the cough all of this stuff and you know taking medicine obviously helped it but I still don’t feel 100% so I kind of got off my track on meal planning and we were kind of in survival mode and when you’re in survival mode for grocery shopping always make sure.

Your pantry is stocked with simple meals that you can just make mac and cheese or chicken nuggets.

For me when I’m not feeling good or I’m rushed I can eat soup I can eat oatmeal for dinner I’m not a picky eater.

Tuna is always great to have on hand as well so we went into survival mode we actually did really good for a couple days I wasn’t even eating like food food you know it was pretty much.

Just soup and liquids and that was it so you.

Know even when you’re not planning you can.

Still be planning but in a very simple way on track I will be having these videos up on Monday the goal is early.

Monday to get started for the week Sunday’s are usually low-key days so even though this meal plan started on.

Sunday it’s always leftovers because Sunday’s are a bum day here because we’re getting ready for school we’re doing all that kind of stuff last-minute things it’s not a day generally where I will cook whereas Saturday is a day well make something and then Sunday we’ll just eat it for leftovers so to grocery stores I went to Aldi and then I went.

To jewel foods we have a lot of pantry items still that we’re using and we have a lot of meat one meat that I will be finishing this week is chicken so I definitely.

Need to get some chicken next week this week the fruit was thumbs down I didn’t go to the fruit market but at Aldi I stayed away from.

It we pretty much just got salad didn’t get any fruit so I’m a little bit disappointed with that but next week I’m gonna be getting fruit the good thing is those we have frozen fruit so we’re doing like smoothies and things like that so that is always good to do just Joy’s this week I went a little bit over more than I.


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