Limp Bizkit Singer Fred Durst Talks About Eminem, Britney Spears + Being Famous | Rock Feed

Limp Bizkit Singer Fred Durst Talks About Eminem, Britney Spears + Being Famous | Rock Feed

With biskits frontman fred durst keeps a much lower profile these days than he did in the late 90s and early 2000s when his band was selling millions of albums all around the world back then Fred Durst was reportedly linked to Britney Spears who was also selling millions of albums all around the world while Fred generally remains a private.

Person he recently appeared on Polly shores podcast.

And discussed that time one of the notable topics of that discussion was when.

Fred Durst talked about collaborating with Eminem before they became at odds with one another and a feud began Fred used to record his albums that are huge massive hits right now the albums.

He went to Interscope Records he used to record across from Taco Bell on on Beverly in La Cienega there was a studio there and he used to record there and guess who came in that studio that was gonna do a song with him madness it was Eminem Eminem came in the studio.

And recorded with you remember that yeah yeah we actually we had bonded through an inner scope and then we met and he hung out there and we were working together we record this little thing called turned me loose that leaked out on the Internet he was.

So good and we bonded and so we decided to do a tour together and we did anger management together and everything and Fred Durst was also asked about what it was like selling millions of albums around the world and purchasing extravagant vehicles like the rolls-royce you were the king of MTV no yes you were you did those I was at one point but you were the king at MTV.

You did all those videos and and Carson Daly was on on TRL TRL and you.

Were on there with Britney Spears you’re on there with Christina Aguilera in sync corn and that was like boom boom boom boom and then you’re on TRL a lot so what was.

That that time of your life like because I was hanging out with you but for you.

What was that like I was just moving so fast you know I’m a simple person and you.

Know just with the key laughing at dude I’m trying to I’m trying to.

Think of his fans right now so when they listen at this I know but this is a way to talk to people and that’s you ask him about it though how was that I’m a simple guy you know I know.

You are and got complicated yeah.

It’s complicated it is complicated because I created that thing and in always having to turn that thing on he created the.

Weasel so you had to turn the weasel on every time there was a cam or every time there was something that was my hair yeah I had to turn it on on uncon you know on demand so that whole thing so for me when it was the weaves with the hair and the scarves and shit that was a big deal so at that time you know you were you.

Were you know buying Rolls Royces I remember when we did Pauly Shore is dead when you played that part when you come down the street you’re in polish or is dead that’s all for now don’t forget to subscribe.

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