How To Can Crunchy Dill Pickles : Canning Ideas

How To Can Crunchy Dill Pickles : Canning Ideas

Kameron Hancock Jill of all trades master of mom and today we’re going to talk about how to make a crunchy pickle one problem a lot of home counters have when making dill pickles as their pickles come out soft translucent or sake the easiest way to ensure a crunchy dill pickle is to take care and prepping the pickles for.

Processing the first thing that you’ll do of course is soak them in a water bath for four hours make sure that the water bath is ice-cold and that you stir the pickles occasionally with your.

Next thing that you’ll do is remove them from the water and slice them as you’re going to want them in the jars currently we’re working on pickle chips once you have your fruit prepared you’re going to want to prepare your jars these.

Jars are hot and sterilized.

Right out of the dishwasher next I’m going to add one quarter of a teaspoon of a pickling additive this will help ensure the crunchiness of your pickles I use baal pickle crisp granules you can get.

The canning section of any grocery store next we’re going to take the cold pickle chips and put them into the hot sterilized jar make sure you keep one inch headspace which is about to the bottom of this ring once your fruit is in the jar with one 1-inch head space you’re going to want to go ahead and fill it with your brine I have some brine pre-prepared here with one of my favorite recipes once your jar is filled with the.

Brian you’re going to want to make sure that you wipe the rims completely clean of any debris so that you can get a good tight seal with your lids.

Next you’ll place your two-part lids and rings and make them fingertip tight careful the jars are hot once your lids and rings are secured and tightened you can go ahead and place them into your canner the canner should be preheated and the water should be simmering once you’d lower them in make sure that.

The lids are covered at least one to two inches of water then bring the water to boiling once it’s boiling cover the canner and process these for 10 minutes once they’re done processing remove them from the canner and allow them to cool on racks your pickles will need to cure for at least two weeks before they’re ready to eat but if you followed the preparation properly when you eat them they’ll be nice and crisp I enjoy doing pickles at home.

Just because something my family eats a lot of and it’s a lot more economical to do them here at home I’m Tamara Hancock Jill of all trades master of mom for more information on canning feel free to visit our website at www.


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