Whats For Dinner? || Week Of Dinners || 7 Easy Dinners || Emily Carmona

Whats For Dinner? || Week Of Dinners || 7 Easy Dinners || Emily Carmona

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel so this video is gonna be a quick what we ate for dinner this week so the first one is meatball sub sandwiches and a side of broccoli the second one is chicken wraps so it’s just tortilla chicken lettuce tomato mustard and ranch dressing on this night we did turkey tacos which is.

Just turkey sour cream and tomato and hot sauce so this is a crock-pot recipe that I filmed before so you’re gonna notice that the beans are different in this clip versus when they’re.

On the tortilla this is just a crock pot recipe that I make with chicken corn Rotel taco seasoning and pinto beans or black beans so that is what.

We had for dinner tonight so we just made tacos and put a little bit of sour cream and hot sauce on them and then the next night we just ate leftovers of this because it makes a big pan so we just do a pot of rice a white rice and make rice bowls so it’s like a chicken.

Rice bowl on this night I made a pan of teriyaki chicken we placed it over a bed of white rice and then had a side of broccoli so I’m sorry this clip is so dark it was a gloomy rainy day so I made a pot of chicken soup and I just did some leftover rotisserie chicken use the bones.

Made a brown broth and add it in some carrots and some rice so that is it for this video if you liked it make sure you give it a thumbs up hit that subscribe button if you’re new because I plan on doing.

More of these and more recipes on my channel thank you so.

Much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye.



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