Baby Favorites | Mimi Ikonn

Baby Favorites | Mimi Ikonn

Hello my beautiful friends it’s me me here today and today I’ll be sharing with you my baby favorites it’s a video that I’ve been meaning to do ever since Alexa was born she’s almost 11 weeks actually she’s gonna be 11 weeks what’s today whoa tomorrow she’s gonna be 11 weeks and finally I have some free time to film.

To mention before I go into all the details and sharing with you all my favorites this is not a sponsored video you guys know I don’t do sponsored videos and then on YouTube for award is it almost seven years now it’s crazy I’ve been on YouTube for almost seven years I haven’t done one sponsored videos since.

I’ve been on YouTube I just want to put it out there because a lot of you guys are new to my channel and you might not know my philosophy about sponsored videos for me YouTube is more like a hobby it’s something I do to share my personal real authentic opinion about all these products.

Or just anytime I do favorites or anytime I mention anything anywhere having said that I just want to say though if Stella McCartney or Whole Foods talks to me tomorrow and wants me to work with them I would work with them well there’s.

Not a lot of brands out there that I like that I would work with and the ones that I do like is just only like a few again like Stella McCartney Whole Foods and a few other brands.

Out there anyway just wanted to put it out there before I go into telling you about all my favorites because I want you guys to know that these are actual favorites of mine these are products Alex and I have been using from day one over Alexis birth and I love all of them I did a lot of research.

On finding all these products and that’s why I wanted to share them with you because if you’re expecting a baby or if you know somebody who is expecting a baby this can save you a lot of time because like I said it took me days and weeks to gather all these.

Simple things but yeah they make your life a lot easier when you have.

A baby and I thought I would be a minimalist and I would like to say I am a minimalist but now looking around at my bed there is a lot of stuff lying on there so I’m just gonna get into it because there’s lots to cover before I get into the actual products that.

We use on Alexa I want to mention some books that I really enjoyed reading before we had Alexa and now well you know she’s growing and changing I will just briefly mention all these books because again if I go into.

Detail it’s gonna be a whole book review and then this video will be an hour long it might actually.

Be an hour long anyways but some of my favorites I’ll quickly tell you to read them if.

You’re expecting a baby probably my most favorite was bringing up a babe I what’s her name -.

Herman Pamela I have another book of hers here this one is baby day by day but I do recommend bringing a bib a I don’t have a.

Physical copy because I actually listen.

To the book and I recommend listening to the book whoever reads the book is brilliant it’s such a funny read but it covers a lot of basics that you need to know about bringing up.

A Babette and I definitely recommend this book Lela recommended it to me she said she really enjoyed it it’s very easy read or listen and I truly believe that the reason Alexis sleeps so well through the night is because of the tips.

We read in that book and I’ll just quickly share with you one of the tips is sort of having luck pause so whenever baby’s sleeping a baby makes a lot of noise and sound and sometimes babies have been crying their sleep like Alexa actually cries a lot in her sleep when she gets gassy and if you’re a first-time parent you might not know this and.

Whenever baby cries you want to help naturally you care about your baby you’ll pick them up but you’ll actually wake them up so what she says in the book it’s something that should did a lot.

Of research on is whenever you see a baby’s crying in the sleep you give.

Them a few minutes just to see if they can settle back into the sleep and self soothe and we’ve been doing this from day one and Alexa has been great sleeper at night you know she’ll go through long chunks of time of sleeping like five six seven sometimes it’s been eight hours and same during her naps if she ever cries we give her a lot pause so we don’t like rush into picking her up or like comforting her we just.

Like observer doesn’t mean you ignore the baby you’re still there but you’re not touching them you just like observing the situation before you react to the situation so that’s just one of the most valuable.

Things I’ve learned from the book there’s lots of other great tips on how to bring your baby up without you know the baby.

Becoming just the most important focus of your life the baby is important but it’s so important to balance your life to be healthy if you’re empty you won’t be able to give to your baby so the book covers all these really really important.

Topics and I definitely recommend reading it if you’re expecting a baby so that’s bringing a baby then another book that I’ve been really enjoying now that Alexa is growing and changing and this one is called the Wonder weeks obviously I haven’t read the whole thing because you’re only supposed to read about the.

Weeks that your baby’s going through for example Alexa is going to be 12 weeks not 12 weeks next week and every time they hit is a wonder weeks they go through.

Different milestones and they grow and their world expands and they can do all these new things like see their hands and then they have more mobility later in her life she’s.

Gonna start speaking so when they the baby has one or weeks a lot of times the baby can get a little fussy if you don’t know that the baby is having wonder week you might be thinking something’s wrong with my baby why all of a sudden the baby’s sleeping less or becoming more fussy or crying more and.

You might think it’s your fold you’re doing.

Something wrong but in fact when you read in this book it’s completely normal that during the wonder weeks because it’s just so much overwhelm happening to your baby like imagine you wake up and your whole world has changed that’s what happens to babies as they go through these.

Milestones and wonder weeks as they’re learning new skills and seeing the world and a completely neat different way it’s very important as a parent to stay stable and to stay grounded because we are the parents to the child are.

The only thing that doesn’t change throughout all this changing growth especially in the first year of baby’s life so I found this extremely helpful I’ve only just started reading it recently and I’ve been reading it about the 12 weeks because Alex is almost 12 weeks and it’s really exciting to also see all kinds of exercises you can do with the babies and yeah just.

To know what what’s going on in their brain and how they’re progressing so I would definitely recommend this book as well for anyone who is pregnant I would also recommend orgasmic birth it’s a book that I read before I had Alexa and I think it’s really great to educate yourself on the industry of birth and.

How the hospitals deal with it your options all kinds of really valuable interesting information on you know in pregnant carrying the baby and then giving birth in the hospital at home whatever it is that you decide to do and how to have a more of a pleasant orgasmic enjoyable experience one can try as you guys know my situation wasn’t exactly orgasmic but I did my best and I still think that the book was very valuable resource for me to.

Learn more about the industry and to just learn more about the birthing because I think it’s very important to know what you’re getting yourself into as you get pregnant maybe even before you get pregnant you just know and when you know it’s just easier to live and make decisions especially when things happen that you don’t expect or plan for so yeah that’s all the books that I would recommend I oh one more book actually Alex is giving.

More books okay I think that’s the game yeah okay so I’ll mention quickly two more books that I wouldn’t say more revolutionary but are still great resources that I would recommend one is baby whisperer again this is a book.

That Lela recommended to me I featured it on my instant story once and there’s a few.

People I didn’t like the book I would say that whenever I read a.

Book or whenever I watch somebody’s YouTube videos.

Or whenever I am exposed to some information I don’t need to love everything to love it or learn something from it so.

Just like with Baby Whisperer I don’t agree with everything that she said in the book but I truly believe there’s so many useful tips and tricks and ideas that she gave in that book so I definitely still recommend reading it don’t follow anything to a tee obviously you’re the parent listen to your heart make the.

Right decisions and go with the flow I think.

It’s very important not to read any book and try to do everything perfectly as the book says because nobody knows your baby as you know your baby yourself so I think the most important thing in a baby whisperer was having sort of a schedule and having a routine again not being too anal about that routine but.

Creating with time as baby grows having some kind of routine so you can have time for the baby so you can have time for yourself so you’re energetic so you can give more to the baby and there’s a lot of other great things that you can do to have a really nice respectful relationship with your child so I definitely recommend reading Baby Whisperer and then another book that Alex just mentioned to me good and good sleeper we still haven’t read it but I think what I would.

Say yet in a way it has been a bit revolutionary the good sleeper we haven’t finished reading it because again.

It goes by like times so like your baby is let’s say 3 to 6 weeks or whatever 6 to 12 weeks what we got from reading this book which is called good sleeper is that sleep is so important it’s almost as important is feeding so feeding is 50% but sleep is another 50% because one baby sleep.

The growth hormone is released in their brain and they’re growing so if they’re not sleeping enough they’re overtired if they’re overtired they’re fussy if they’re fussy you’re annoyed you’re miserable and then this whole cycle of unhappy parents and kids keep happening alright now we’re gonna move on to the physical topics I can’t believe I talk so much.

About that but again I’m just gonna try to go.

Through it really really fast I will talk about the mobility stuff first or like.

Places where it likes the sleeps or naps so I will talk about her stroller.

First because it’s something I didn’t think I would get in the first place is something that Alex had to convince me I honestly thought we could.

Get by without a stroller I can’t be a bit idealistic sometimes but we did in the first few weeks Alex.

Especially would carry Alexa all the time but alex is a big.

Baby she’s like at the top 10% of the tallest babies and I find that because she’s also winter full baby if we put her in like warm clothes and.

Then like with squish her in the carrier she’s just very very.

Uncomfortable so we stopped doing that we decided to just get a stroller well.

I want to say the first place why I didn’t like the idea of a stroller most of the strollers in my mindset from what I’ve seen and observed friends and family use are big and bulky and just uncomfortable and I just thought never going to be able.

To go anywhere or like pick this thing up especially if I’m alone but Alex found this really amazing stroller which is tiny Lily it pulls into like.

This little thing that you can actually.

Of those compartments on the plane so whenever we’re traveling now we can actually even take the stroller with us on the plane it’s really awesome it goes up to six months it’s got one sort of seating where the baby lies flat and then after six months it’s going.

To be a different one where baby’s more in my position I’ve been loving this bit what is it called yo-yos and babies and yo-yo stroller anyways by the way guys I’m gonna link everything I can find down below all the books all the products that I’ll be mentioning so the stroller is pretty awesome definitely recommended it’s a game changer super light super easy to walk with it even for.

Me and it’s easy to pick up like sometimes she’s.

Sleeping it up just pick up the stroller and walk up the stairs if I need to go up into a building or whatever so if I can pick it up then.

Anybody can pick it up because I wouldn’t say I’m like super strong um so that’s that in terms of bed we have actually can’t remember the name but I’m gonna look up the brand do.

You remember Alex I’ll have to look it up I was looking I was on Pinterest before I like souls.

Born looking for a simple minimalistic design because I just wanted everything to sort of work together Alexis bed cod I guess that’s what they call them crib is in our bedroom we are grateful that we have big enough bedroom to fit her here as well I think for the first year of the baby’s really especially if you’re breastfeeding it’s very convenient to have the baby in the same room if you don’t have a tiny room if you have a tiny.

Room I might sleep might get a little difficult again because babies make a lot of noise when they’re sleeping but because we have a bigger room she’s just there in the.

Corner in her own crib and it works great for both of us for all of us the three of.

Us and yet the bed I found on Pinterest and I absolutely fell in love with it it’s beautiful.

Wide minimalistic it’s got that modern sleek design it’s.

Also made out of what does a cold FCSS if it’s an FSC so basically the trees come from managed forests that they grow these forests specifically for making furniture so that is very important for me as well so I love.

The bed I’m gonna show you guys what the bed looks like it’s beautiful and that’s her crib I know a lot of you guys whenever we post a picture of Alex wearing Alexa asked a.

Why did Alex wear Alexa and not you at that time I was breastfeeding it like so like literally 12 hours a day and.

I needed a break from her like she’s heavy guys she’s big so whenever I was in breastfeeding Alex would wear her or like walk with her or would walk all together and yeah solid baby wrap are absolutely for that I found that they worked really well when she was a newborn I haven’t tried wearing her recently again like I explained because she’s heavy and it’s winter so we well Kirov with a lot of clothes.

And layers and I’m not really sure how it’s gonna work with wraps like this also another reason I didn’t like wearing her in this in the first few months of her life because you wrapped them differently from zero to three months and.

Then three to six or whatever you wrapped them differently because then they can hold their head I’m so excited she can now hold her head I’ll probably wait a few more weeks maybe another week or so because now I can wear her in a different position where her legs are sort of out and she holds her head herself it might be easier now because she won’t be like fully.

Squished inside of this thing but again just saying these have been really great addition to wearing it like that and I think it’s great to wear your babies because they feel so close and snuggly next to you if.

The weather permits if it’s not too hot or too cold then I would definitely recommend solid baby wraps it took me a while to find a baby rocking chair that was made with quality and would look beautiful in our living space and I finally.

Did it was by the brand bloom and it’s called Coco Y chair or something like that again I’m gonna link everything down below it’s beautiful you have.


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