Gnat Infestation: Apple Cider Vinegar Does Not Work

Gnat Infestation: Apple Cider Vinegar Does Not Work

So I have a net problem and it is a very very nasty net problem borderline infestation you can see some flying around now down there already but I found a remedy on YouTube so I thought I’d try it out you mix apple cider vinegar with just like a drop of juice so I used dishwashing liquid for this one.

And I tried it both ways that I found it online one way you just mix the solution into a little cup and you can leave it open the other way you use.

Of some type and you punch holes in it so that they can get down in.

There and propose to trap them however as you can see it.

Has not worked that’s just a bubble not in that one or this form not a single net you can see here that the fly tape has been a lot more effective but it hasn’t done much at all and.

Actually remedying the situation so if.

Anyone out there has any other ideas please drop them in the comments because.

I really want rid of this before it gets worse and thank you peace out.


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