3 Month Baby Update | Supplementing, Sleeping, & The Honest Company

3 Month Baby Update | Supplementing, Sleeping, & The Honest Company

Hi welcome to my channel my name is Ashley and this is Charlie and we’re going to do a three month baby update because she turned three months old today which is so pretty like I can’t even believe that so I want to start this channel because I watched a lot of other youtubers and I just really like how.

Videos of their kids that they get to look back on but I don’t want to miss anything else so I’m going to start now since she’s three months old so that when she’s older I.

Can look back I’m gonna start off with her milestones for last month um first I’m going to say that she loves to look at her feet which is what she’s looking at right now she just started to notice that they were there she also this month has gotten such good head control she can hold it up for a long time is that right she also now can put weight onto her legs like this yeah.

And she started to roll onto her side she can’t get all the way over to her stomach yet but she’s getting really close also she’s been cooing and trying to talk so much and she also had her first laugh this month just like a little giggle I’ll insert a clip here next I want to talk about her feeding she is primarily breastfed but we have been supplementing a little bit with some formula and some pumps milk and the formula that we use.

Is the happy baby organic and it’s modeled after breast milk which is something that I really liked when looking for a formula and also one more thing I want to talk about without her feeding is her bottle we have a lot of Advent bottles but they aren’t her favorite um these ones she will drink out of them but she prefers not.

To she would rather her breastfeed or she also really likes the dr.

brown bottles and I also like these too because I feel like they don’t.

Give her a lot of gas which is what they’re made to do now since we’re talking about gas I let me move into her health she does have a.

Lot of gas and she also has acid reflux which is I just just.

O sad for her um has to be almost in but.

I didn’t notice that I did anything I took her.

Off of it but I think I’m gonna put her back one okay she got a little funky so I put her in her bouncer over there looking for anything it’s her when she does have gas I give her gripe water.

Um this stuff oh my goodness I swear by it I will forever recommend this to anyone with a baby the best like immediately takes her gas away she she had a little bit of colic what she drive that um but was 7 p. on the dot when she would get fussy I would give her this and she would be perfectly fine like for the rest of the night this.

Is amazing I will always had at least two bottles on down here when I stay in her.

House that I want to talk about is teasing she is definitely teasing very early she’s only three month old today and she is teething like creepy she’s always drooling like her shirts are always so fat have to change her all the time I don’t know lyin to skip don’t give her a bib um she is.

On her hands all day long and on mine if I let her and so – one per pacifier not suck and she also has been getting a little bit of fevers okay next thing I want to talk about his diapers we use the.


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