Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Items

Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Items

How my most amazing table tennis how are you doing today well I hope I’m Rebecca Stargate and today we are talking everyday fast food that’s pretty kind of protein fast food is fast becoming a worldwide obsession so here are some friendly advice as to what not to order when you’re trying to be frugal I present you the top.

10 most expensive fast food items just to make this list easy all prices are in American dollars in at number 10 we have White Castle fish nibblers these will set you back $7.

99 White Castle is known for its.

Many sliders which are kind of like for all sizes this fish nibblers are just like little fish nuggets that you don’t really get that many of the fish involved is an Alaskan Pollock which is much cheaper than Cod and often farmed on that with I mind the $7.99 price tag is baffling boys more bustling though if white people would pay upwards of eight dollars for an onion.

And that’s what we have coming in at number nine the bloomin onions for eight to ten dollars so this is the only food on our.

List that is not specific to one fast-food joint but it’s a regular attendee at almost all food shows festivals and carnivals in the summer the first time I saw a person with one of these I thought oh cool deep fried onion but then when I heard it cost $10 I was shocked this is one onion fried and found out to look like a flower but still one onions dipped in a deep fat fryer why is it so expensive coming in at number.

Eight we have the Baskin Robbins medium shake costing a crazy $7 50 I think that over $7 is a lot for a medium milkshake a large comes in at just over $1 extra but still for me anything over $4 for a fast food milkshake just seems absurd to be going to a.

Baskin-robbins for an ice-cream and.

Won’t be getting changed from a $20 bill I think they’re coming in at number 7 we have the big Philly cheesesteak sub from Subway this cost upwards of $11 70 this is one of subways most expensive most premium sandwiches and can cost even more if purchased.

With extra meat and cheese totaling nearly fifteen dollars for a footlong.

If you want a drink and a snap with that too the whole meal gets close to $20 I wish you may as well have gone to a restaurant or made yourself like.

20 sandwiches at home coming into number six we have the Chipotle steak burrito if you’re ordering a steak burrito from Chipotle you can expect to pay nine ten dollars to the burrito alone and between three to four dollars for chips and black eye for one boys need guacamole like.

A burrito isn’t a burrito without it for me totaling between twelve to fourteen dollars this is pretty expensive for a no thrills fast-food burrito but I do love me a burrito fried rice.

Five with their $16 bacon cheeseburger.

And that is without a drink depending on what state.

You’re in a Five Guys bacon cheeseburger can cost you as much as eleven dollars with regular fries costing over.

Five dollars if you want to add a fizzy drink to that the whole meal will end up costing you nearly twenty dollars coming in at number 4 we have Wendy’s surf and turf burger costing over $15 this was.

At one point only available in Japan where you could also go big with a caviar and lobster burger for over $20 this by the way is without any side or drink so no price to you wendy has always been a bit on the pricey side though with.

Its cheapest burger at just under five dollars with no drinks or sides coming in at number three we have most venti Starbucks.

Shallah tea coffee which will set you back over six dollars six.

Dollars is a lot for coffee no matter how big it is if you want an extra shot of coffee an almond or soy milk the price.

Is going to climb even higher towards eight or nine dollars I can’t fathom spending that much on a drink especially when I’m local cafe across the road so it’s fair trade large coffee for two dollars like what going on Starbucks in.

At number two we have this subway lobster sub which is at its lowest $15 but if you want extra Lobster is 20 and up the.

Lobster stuff is only a seasonal offering it’s quite good although very.

Pricy for a fast food restaurant okay so coming in at number one we have a $50 supreme Aberdeen Angus burger from McDonald what’s done.

Is usually on the cheaper end of the fast food chain these days many outlets are giving customers the chance to build their own burgers adding whatever they want as topping it means that burgers can total fifty dollars in some instances popular youtuber Wolfie BAPS uploaded.

A video called the McDonald’s 100 dollar burger taste test in which he and a friend go down to their local branch and order two burgers with all of the trimmings coming in at $100 including tax to be honest the burgers are insane and not totally normal but it is possible to spend almost twenty dollars on something reasonably.

Normal and resembling a burger and McDonald’s it’s a crazy machine that just lets you keep on adding cheese all kinds of cheese triple cheese actually kind of sound like a dream so that would be.

Top 10 most expensive fast food items from regular fast-food chains shall we make a similar list but for the most expensive food ever for like burgers made.

Of pure gold but edible pure gold I guess let me know in the comment section down below so now why don’t you let me know what your favorite fast food order is and also let me know what your favorite healthy food is I’ll be right down there in the comments.

Trying to respond to as many of you as I possibly can I’m Rebecca so gay this has been most amazing top 10 if you liked this video make sure you give us.

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