Raw Fermented Vegetables: The Absolute Best Gut-healing Recipes!

Raw Fermented Vegetables: The Absolute Best Gut-healing Recipes!

Hey guys so it’s pretty from Montreal healthy girl tonight I’m doing a video that is ideally I wanted to do it in my kitchen and actually be making it for you guys but honestly it makes really big mess and I’m in a sublet apartment right now so I didn’t want to go through the whole hassle of it it’s.

About when I’m filling this but I did want to put this out here it was a requests video and I recently posted a picture on facebook about all my new fermented veggies I made homemade pickles so I just wanted to share with you guys bitty six simple recipes how to make fermented vegetables how I make.

Them and they’re delicious I really love them so I wanted to.

Share with you guys some of my favorite recipes also.

Some tips on on things you want to be careful with when you’re seasoning.

Your fermented veggies because spices and seasonings tend to taste so much stronger when they’re fermenting in a.

Brew than they normally would if you were cooking or just putting them in sprinkled on food or something so we really want to be careful I watched a few of my bottles of fermented edg’s in.

My most recent attempt so I didn’t want to share the ones that really did turn out also which vegetables you can use and just you know kind of a little bit.

Of that so for people that are looking to increase their beneficial bacteria in their gut or looking to help digestion make your own fermented vegetables increase their alkaline load and just help to balance out yeast and parasites and all that stuff in the body this is an excellent.

Way to do it guys it’s highly nutritious it’s a great way to get b12 as well fermented vegetables have lacked or producing bacteria these bacteria help to produce b12 in your body so a lot of the time especially vegans or even most meat-eaters today don’t have sufficient amounts of b12 in their bodies so this is a great alternative to taking a b12 supplement so I wanted to.

Show you guys kind of how I do it different options in different ways that you can do it so the first thing I wanted to say is that you need to choose a few different spices and seasonings and you can kind of mix them around when you make your veggies you can also choose to make one batch of one type of vegetable like you can make sauerkraut using white or red cabbage you can make kimchi which is basically just sauerkraut but a little bit spicy there’s.

A lot of different things that you can do by using a lot of different vegetables you can do carrots you can do beets I wanted to show you guys you of the the types that I have here I.

Didn’t bring my beads I okay so basically all to show you guys first what I have going on and then tell you who I made them okay so this right here although it’s kind of hard to tell our fiddleheads these are my fermented fiddleheads now I don’t do this often but I bought from a company recently and I really enjoyed it so.

I thought I would try to make my own and honestly it turned out pretty good they’re a bit crunchy so I’m gonna let them ferment longer another thing that I did here was garlic black peppercorn and coriander julienned carrots so you can see the garlic at the bottom these turned.


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