My Dance Journey | Jade Chynoweth

My Dance Journey | Jade Chynoweth

♪♪ Hi, my name isJade Chynoweth and this ismy dance journey.

♪♪ I was bornin Park City, Utah, and I started dancing when I was two years old.

At the time, in Utah,hip-hop wasn’t really a thing.

And I think that’s when I first realized my immense passionfor dance.

I love the energy and I could truly express myself.

Was 14, I got my first acting job, which was"300: Rise of an Empire," and it was one.

Of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had and from that job,I was like, this is what I wanna do.

I got this call for "Step Up," and I was beyond excited. So, I auditioned, and it ended up beingbetween me and my roommate. How crazy is that?! ♪♪ "Step.

Up" is basicallya cumulation of everything I.

Was doingsince I was little. I put in so much effortand so much passion and so much love and so many hours and so much sweat and so many injuries into what I wanted. To finally get that payoff is incredible.

On the setof "Step Up," living out my dream. And we’ll see where ittakes me from here.


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