Chicken Update.. Liming The Pen For Odours & Pests..

Chicken Update.. Liming The Pen For Odours & Pests..

How’s it going managed to hook into a couple little jobbies over the last couple days planning some bits and pieces out and fixing up some beds ready for winter crops and today we finally got to finish off the turkeys pen we had the neighbors have put up a new fence so we’ve got a nice solid fence between their.

German Shepherd flexo and our place so a very lovely dog but still you.

Don’t really want to take the risk with your trucks so I’ve gone in there and fixed up some of the fences and bits and pieces I’ll show you that in a minute in here we’re expecting rain so they say expecting some rain so what I’ve done is just put down some lime on the base of this pen because the girls have been locked up in here for nearly two weeks so.

There’s a lot of freshmen you were sitting around on the ground once the rain hits that yeah it gets pretty funky so I’ve sprinkled some lime around on the ground giving it a bit of a quick rake in and then covered it over with some veils of straw it’s been about four days since I filmed the first part of this clip and I just thought I’d do a.

Bit of a follow up we’ve just had about half a foot or 150 ml of rain and the coop doesn’t smell at all well it.

Does a little bit doesn’t it greedy it smells like wet hay that’s pretty much well it none of that wet chicken manure smell that.

You sometimes get when yeah it gets very messy and very wet so it definitely does the job I also forgot to mention the type of lime we use I use a dolomite lime or garden lime I’ve seen on a few different sites and forums that people recommend using hydrated lime as well so you know research it for yourself see what’s appropriate for your needs it’s also good.

For taking care of lard lice and mites and dust bars if you put a little bit of a scoop.

In there so I just thought I’d mention that um picking seeds.

From a bee isn’t that nice of you bit of a tidy up yes I just thought I’d mention that and the other thing too I’ve been catching.

Lot of YouTube clips over the last week or so and I caught up with some of.

Blake Kirby’s and Blake’s got a great little channel if you want.

To suss it out as a there’ll be a link just up in the corner there he what he does is collect bits and pieces from around the yard and just bits of twigs and sticks and I think he said I’m some of the the bramble he sort of thorny bits and pieces and he throws them into a pile burns them all that creates a nice ash ash heap for.

The girls or the trucks to go and do a bit of a bath in and that takes.

Care of the mites and lice just like the normal line does that we put down here as well so so there you go just thought I’d do a bit of a follow up because we had all that rain and I thought I shouldn’t mention what sort of line we use so back to the clip some of the straws been sitting for quite some.

I did some of it had decomposed on.

The bottom blues absolutely chokers with arm bugs and bits and pieces only one chalk has been smart enough to discover this as of yet the other three are sitting outside they’re wondering what’s going on I think they’re enjoying their freedom um I’ll give you a bit of a look in here as you can see we.


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