The Best Hair Products For Curly Hair! Shea Moisture! | Biancareneetoday

The Best Hair Products For Curly Hair! Shea Moisture! | Biancareneetoday

Hey what’s up everyone I’m Bianca Rene and welcome to be on foreign aid today and today I’m going to do my very first haul on hair products there’s been many times where I’ve gone out and people say what do you put in your hair how did your curls look like that and I’m so excited to tell you exactly.

What I use now I’ve tried everything I’ve had frizzy hair my entire life I present products and I’ve even tried the ethnic products and nothing worked raise your hand if you have frizzy hair raise your hand if you want to get rid of your frizzy hair you really.

Raised your hand you’re cool when you go on YouTube and all you get are girls with curling irons ready to teach you how to curl your hair can you imagine doing all of these curls one by one with a curling iron those are the videos that we need so this video is for girls that already have curly.

Products that you need are you ready much great this would really take this is a really big part of your life she’s sure this stuff this stuff right here is awesome so I went a little bit Shea Moisture crazy and I want everything I was just like okay I’ll take it so I tried the.

Conditioner I bought the shampoo I bought the curling souffle and the curls style milk now you guys are best buds don’t separate them.

They always need to be together I did a little experiment and I tried this on its own and I tried only this on its own this stuff by itself it didn’t give my hair in volume it just.

Made it not frizzy which is you know cool and this stuff on its own made my hair kind of sticky like it was like gel it’s never really hard but together they are the dynamic duo that make your curls happy you can buy all these products at Target.

Or Walgreens I live in California before I buy them they’re each $9.

Apiece not too bad first you start with the curl and style.

Milk we got the shower your hair is still wet you put about that much mix it all together and then you just swish it all three.

Or I put my hair over comb through it just get it all in your hair then you go for the curling souffle which is this jelly googly type stuff it smell good wels like a pina colada to tell you the truth you don’t really need to buy the shampoo and conditioner I mean they say they’re going to fix dry damaged hair um give boy stur body and shine but it’s this stuff the conditioner is really hard to comb through it and if you have curly hair we know what tangles are.

Like a girl with curly hair.

So personally I like to save some money instead of.

Buying ten dollar products i buy suave suave if you want to be fancy these are also contained coconut and shea butter so you still have those type of similar ingredients this is like $2 dollar 29 if it’s on sale I buy these at Walmart it’s cheaper and not to mention the conditioner makes your hair really easy to comb through.

You’re not gonna cry in the shower those days are over speaking of crying in the shower you also need.

To buy a good brush I love this brush it gets rid of all of your tangles not going to hurt it’s at Walmart Target it’s like two dollars it’s by goodie it’s called ouchless and it’s true it’s no ouches and i think it like retracts so when it gets to a knot just just just like die it’s like slowly gets.

Rid of it another thing that you need an old antique.

Invention all the pics so what you do after you put in these two products let your hair dry naturally personally my hair takes like an hour-ish.

For it to dry naturally and then you grab this go underneath it and you just kind of fluff it out you want like big happy curly hair do it on top baby and then it kind of gives a little bit more volume and you can get this pick from your local black neighbor well there.

You have it that is what I use in my hair Shea Moisture curling milk souffle oxalis brush pick and swap anti dandruff conditioner.

Shampoo coconut and shea butter go buy them it’ll make your hair happy I have happy curls then I’m happy and everyone should be happy thank you for watching beyond kornei today and please subscribe.


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