7 Month Old Baby Starting Solids: Baby Led Weaning

7 Month Old Baby Starting Solids: Baby Led Weaning

Hi everyone its sweetie Parker Paul here I’m free – mommy you Lea with little baby enemy just before her seventh birthday she’s been introduced to solid number well bananas been a favorite and we do practice baby lately so that means that instead of Purina foods you cut it into little strips they’re slimy that kind of slimy banana something.

To help to hold them in her hand and she loves it that meaning is in my opinion natural for us because as human beings because in nature this is.

Food so also you control to your baby so instead of you eating baby the baby can play and just explore make mess we just yeah plain with the food is just as important as eating the food because they’re exploring is funny I was watching this video the other day on baby led weaning and there’s this experiment done so many children took part in this so many babies took part in it they studied them for so long and in the end.

They came to conclude that babies love carbohydrates and that really made me laugh because without any research we know that we are fruitless dad’s milk is sweet fruit is sweet babies have got a taste for fruits so pretty perfect for that any enjoying it you’re really like sit down Tony to tell us when she wanted food and then suddenly just happens we’re eating the meal of bananas and she.

Was determined to eat army I said we realize that Jesus wants to try some food and then she looks successful more bananas instead so we think about some two three times a day and also with firm beginning uh some papaya super finally gimmick cuts into this strips okay so thank you very much for watching this video or clarion do you practice baby led.

Weaning and do you have to allow your babies to take food and eat food as it is or do you feed them with a spoon and what what what’s what your experience has been regarding baby led weaning and also be very interesting to know at what age did you introduce always.

To your babies post your comments below thank you for watching eat sweets.

That’s a mess really that’s our superior.

Form of nourishment sweet fruit sweet fruit is the best for babies for adults for anyone for pregnant women lactating women man pathways is the best form of.

Nourishment in sweet be fit and see you again shortly bye-bye I didn’t say bye-bye..


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