Ico Review Concertvr May 2018 – Decentralized Vr Movement – Virtual Reality Investment

Ico Review Concertvr May 2018 – Decentralized Vr Movement – Virtual Reality Investment

Financial advice so please do your own research and see what you want to invest into today we’re looking at concert vr at concert VRI oh and this ICO is now live and with this powerful ICO you can enjoy the world’s best musicians onstage from the comfort of your home using VR technology you can learn more about it by.

Clicking this YouTube video here also you can follow them on Facebook Twitter reddit YouTube Instagram and take a look at this amazing revolution where you can.

Enjoy live music from the comfort of your home so how does it work and the investor ICO they create their own token a CVT concert VR token the CVT is going to be running on etherium the token name is.

Said before CVT and this is the total amount of tokens they’ll create for pre ICO and ICO contributors and there’s also a fixed cost of a single token pre CEO had a hard cap of 1,200 etherium and the main ICO will lead to a market capitalization captured at 60,000 at the seer a pre ICO sold out in less.

Than four days and you can read about the light paper or you can join here the ICO is currently on level one.

So contribute now and receive a 50% bonus for CVD today and you can click join here so how does the concert VR change everything and are you ready to rock you can enjoy real concerts and virtual reality in real time or on-demand time of your choice once purchased you can enjoy content across any platform on your smartphone VR glasses browser or smart TV you can choose from different camera perspectives or you want to experience the.

Search different categories and find your artists and acts you can buy individual songs or entire concerts simply by in-app purchase and you can enter a coupon code enjoy selected content for free you can let your friends know which concert you’re watching via social media and.

You can experience their reactions in real time in the app you can also invite friends directly during the concert and chat with them very very exciting and they have already built a fully functional prototype which you can watch the demo here there’s also the timeline milestones we can.

Take a look a global mark research and potential analysis the concert view our trademarked across Europe the landing page built and published the concert VR at the MVP built and tested on the iOS and Android platform the first concert was recorded in VR and negotiation with all major labels and ticketing providers February 15th.

2018 the pre ICO starts February 18th 2018 the pre ICO is completed and then April 5th 6 2018 crypto conference Berlin April 15 2018 the ICO starts May 2018 the ICO is completed looking into the future in October 2018 launching the beta version and November 2018 the platform is fully functional you can see.

Here Green is already achieved and yellow.

Is what’s upcoming for these three upcoming events after the launch of the MVP market expansion takes place at this stage the product will be adjusted in form and content a focus on incorporation of collected feedback streaming a.

First live concert on the platform according up to 20 concerts which will be provided afterwards on the platform carrying our PR measures and.


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