Baby Food Punishment

Baby Food Punishment

So experiment I don’t can barely see like I can’t see anything now I can get to light barely shining through all right pause the camera hi Sam Preston’s been sir and Clayton it’s Wednesday and I am going to do my punishment we have assorted baby foods right here that Sam kindly gave to us to do this punishment and.

His girlfriend can we gave to him to do it for some reason Sam’s girlfriend.

My drink of choices Fred Meyers cranberry apple I got my baby drinking your sippy cup my sippy cup drinking from the teat and we got our.

Authentic baby spoon to eat and what the game is is that will I will be blindfolded Jimmy will feed me one of the.

Seven baby foods and I will guess what flavor this if I give it wrong I have to take another bite pingas Kasich get.

Them all on the first try probably not actually I’ll probably like.

There’s some good flavors of some bad flavor.

The good one so that’s pretty good give me some more and like I can draw it out probably not I.

Just want to get it down with um.

But without further ado wait oh I think a polluter will be the best-tasting one and the worst Sam said there was going to be the sweet pea and it looks like an ogre green I don’t know I think the worst is gonna be this beef and beef broth but yeah I would have to say either the beef and beef broth or the chicken noodle canoodle um I’m saying peach is the best I’m looking at a peach so yeah I got my bib on.

And looks like it looks like honey mustard let’s do this before ever good I’m starting all right okay this is okay I got.

Em first one what are you doing just showing it to the camera being not gems what’s up wait you’re not being generous nothing look like are you like getting a bunch of it or no big generous means you’re just getting.

A whole bunch here comes the choo-choo train riding in the station suck on.

It when it’s got just waxy quality Oh No name the flavors again then the flavors off okay you got peaches Apple Apple blueberry apple.

Turkey cranberry sweet peas spinach and potatoes what’s the Spanish and potatoes what what was the spherificator yes yeah Oh God ah I understand my babies babies eat this he’s like an airplane for airport looks like we’re gonna have a delay folks all right – one good Apple blueberry yeah yeah that was good one okay it was good taste okay blueberry oh yeah so that was good yeah no it’s probably the best yeah it’s still in my throat it’s worth it you can’t see okay oh.

I hope you guys are loving this next okay here we go Oh chicken noodle yeah Betsy’s like chicken noodle yeah it’s not a good taste it’s not a good taste ah I don’t I don’t remember what it’s called hey no just just over your mouth with intake being a baby alright alright this.

Is the beef one yeah if you want to like get a trash go ahead get it yeah now you never.

Look this I haven’t tasted it yet so you can can you like tell the flavors in these things I can tell what flavor they are usually right.

Off the bat like the first one I had no idea I was like oh man this could be anything ah it sucks not being able to see oh god I know good thing the.

Ending will kind of gotta be like I know that’s my job Tommy can I guess beforehand no so I don’t.

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