Human Fetus Cells Used By Major Processed Food Mfg/natural/artificial Flavor Test.

Human Fetus Cells Used By Major Processed Food Mfg/natural/artificial Flavor Test.

February 14 2016 guys briefly I want to talk about this as image came in from Lascaux c3 today and had a lot of questions about it now many people say that it’s a large object some say it’s a small object and it’s hard to tell because how far are we from the camera that’s on the satellite or the.

Alaska satellite that we watching this from back in the August 21st 2013 notice the timestamp at the bottom I recorded it there January 2014 I recover record there we talked about it on the blog talk radio.

Mike from around the world that the most incredible videos and i can’t put it here because when i did that i got a copyright strike and almost lost.

My channel but by tomorrow i will have it on the website vp.

Earth watch calm but we’re watching mars that’s a lot of large object in the sinners comet siding spring was just under that arrow when this large green dot would.

That was hollow in the center started approaching Mars they were watching it because they were concerned that comet siding spring would be so close to Mars that would have very negative effects it did come very close to large coming but as soon as this green ball of energy came up from the bottom they cut the feed I recorded it.

It will be on our website tomorrow now back to what I’ve been working on for a few days this is a company called Cinemax think about the name but they are an artificial and natural flavor company and they’re selling these flavor enhancers to companies around this planet probably companies that you have.

Consumed some of their products today the problem.

Is that goes back to part one of this video with the human organs missing but Cinemax us says that fiber companies and food.

Companies are protective of their flavor formulas listen to this much like chefs are protective of their recipes since Cinemax flavor ingredients are part of a proprietary blended flavor mix they are not individually listed on the in green statement.

Of foods and beverages it’s very important that’s why I put this paragraph here very important says these flavor ingredients that could be used to create flavors is available for everyone to see and we’re gonna look at that but guys it tricks the taste buds now you’re looking at.

Hillary in the head of the Planned Parenthood is they won the case in court they’re their satanic vampiric.

Old people but every time you purchase a mass-produced products processed food from the glides of Kraft PepsiCo or Nestle you’re choosing whether you realize it or not to feed your family not only genetically engineered poisons and chemical additives but also various flavoring agencies manufacturing using the tissue of aborted human babies guys when I read this list.

You’re probably going to clean out about half your cabinet it’s true company based out of California known as Cinna mix is in the business of using aborted.

Embryonic cells to test fake flavoring chemicals both savory and sweet again it enhances the taste buds it says that which are then.

To things like soft drinks but it goes down to this very product it’s called HEK 293 cell line.

It’s called human embryonic Kenny.

Kidney cells and they are used by Cinemax for flavor what they’ve.


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