Savvy Rest Organic Pillows – What Pillow Is Best For You?

Savvy Rest Organic Pillows – What Pillow Is Best For You?

Hi my name is Dominic and I’m Tina today we’re going to talk about all organic pillows and savvy redneck conference now we know that everyone has their own definition as to what’s comfortable some people prefer very fluffy soft pillow while others want something that’s on the firmer side today we’re going to walk you through all around pillows so.

My demand in this video you’ll know which pillow is right for you let’s start with our customizable pillows our customizable pillows are made with organic natural latex organic wool organic kapok fill now these pillows are very convenient because you are able to adjust the height of the pillow by unzipping the two organic cotton.

Covers and removing the desired amount of filth be sure to hold on to that fill in case you want to add it back into the pillow later I mean we deliberately overstuff our pillows so that you have plenty of fill to work with organic kapok is our most popular pillow fail kapok.

Based alternative to dow and it’s soft and cozy if you’re looking for a luxurious fluffy pillow then I would highly recommend kpop now another one of our favorite customizable pillows is our shredded latex pillow our shredded latex is made.

Out of both organic Dunlop and Talalay latex now what’s great about this pillow is that it conforms to your neck and shoulders giving you great support throughout the night we have two other customizable options well in a wool shredded latex blend well is an amazing natural fiber because.

It helps to stabilize your temperature if you sleep on the low latex blend pillow is a little excessive feel when compared to the wool pillow the.

Wool pillow is a bit on the firmer side the rest of our selection is made up of natural latex formed pillows the first pillow we’re going to talk about is our natural talent ello medium firm and comes with an organic cotton knit cover this is a very responsive pillow but it’s still going to provide excellent support and here we have our soap shape Phillip this low profile pillow is made with soft organic Dunlop latex finally we have our organic cause per pillow this pillow.

Is made with mediums Dunlop latex and it’s the firmest pillow that we have concert pillows have a very specific purpose there are mainly for side sleepers who require extra support for their next of course the best way to test a pillow is to visit one.

Of our dealers across the United States or Canada or one of our own savvy rest natural bedroom I hope this video has been helpful but there’s nothing like trying out the pillow leaders to find your closest savvy recipe alert please visit our website.

At savvy restaurant thank you for watching..


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