Wash And Style On Natural Hair | Hawaiian Silky Apple Cider Vinegar

Wash And Style On Natural Hair | Hawaiian Silky Apple Cider Vinegar

Hello everyone today I’m going to be doing a wash and style video using products from the Hawaiian silky apple cider vinegar line that were kindly say to me by Paradise Beauty so thank you so much and yeah let’s just get started with today’s video okay I’m in the shower right now just completely saturating my hair with water and.

Sectioning off into four sections because it’s easier for me to work that way.

They start to cleanse now I’m using the Hawaiian silky 14 one miracle Naturals apple cider vinegar.

Charcoal activated pool and I’m taking a good amount of that and just a plain.

Area it’s on my scalp my scalp needs some cleansing I had a wash and go the week before then I put it in the puff the next week so.

For two weeks I didn’t wash my hair so it doesn’t definitely needed a good cleanse so I did that to all the sections that clipped them away I also ran my fingers through my hair it was pretty easy to detangle with this which was quite nice and kind of surprising as well so that was really nice so the shampoos.

In and completely cleanse in my hair I’m moving it out completely no eccentric condition I’m used in the Hawaiian silky 14 one miracle natural apple cider vinegar here so soft conditioner with apple cider vinegar these names are so long well I got this new brush recently this detangling brush I know it.

Should detangling with that I feel I don’t really use a brush to detangle anymore and I don’t know why but my Styles having me coming out the greatest so I decided to start bad detangling well some other time finger detangling.

So yes I’m using this and I feel a lot that I was flipping out my hair in the beginning but I promise you that it wasn’t yeah it’s quite easy to detangle with this I’m.

Repeating these same steps for the rest of those four sessions this conditioner actually has quite a bit of slip which I enjoyed I love a good conditioner asleep because it means detangling so easy as you probably have seen throughout this section of the video the time there was.

A breeze when the conditioner has great to it so I really enjoyed using this product I’ll definitely try it again I also use a camp Oh again because I was really great as well I feel it really cleans my hair it’s more of a clarifying shampoo in my opinion no.

I’m just me it’s not this conditioner and yeah Reis not the conditioner nothing much to say about that I just want to thank holidays Beauty for sending me these products you can find everything that I use in today’s video in their store they have a Bridgestone branch as well as a Sheraton branch so definitely go ahead and check them out thank you so much again and ya know it’s.

Time to deep condition am using the Hawaiian silky 14 in one miracle nachos apple cider vinegar here yogurt intensive treatment and just taking kind of globs of that and Renee kurume here I usually deep conditioning for sections but.

At this point I don’t know who’s tired or something I just did it basically in.

In chunks basically two sections so yeah I don’t know I don’t usually do this but I did that today but yeah it clunk.

Make rows so much as you can see so I’m just clipping that away and working on the front section as well it’s also pretty easy to detangle with this deep conditioner which was quite nice no one putting on my plastic cap and they cannot sit for about an hour and yeah no I’m just rinsing it out completely as you can see my clothes were just popping the definition was insane and really enjoyed it so yeah I’m.

Especially going in between the hair sections because I know somebody conditioning can get trapped in there and you don’t want to have excess product in your hair when you’re styling it because that can cause leaks I make sure to get all the products guys anyway anyway it’s time to spoil me here and this is a way better lighting we look at this anyway.

My hair was trained under my microfiber towel in a little bun on the back of my head or the whole puff ponytail whatever you call it I got this idea from cilia from his Oh goddess cuz she does that and her hair always looks amazing it’s always kind of stretch where she takes it out which is great you know.

I’m using the apple cider vinegar static-free leave-in conditioner from Elaine and I’m.

Just spritz in that section with water so water with the leave-in conditioner it’s all like that it feels like water but I’m detangling with the same brush that I love this is such a nice brush I really recommend it I’m not.

Sure what it’s called but you can probably see what I’m talking about anyway I’m going with the Eco style cooled gel and that is my curl definer of choice so yeah at first I did my usual technique of just raking finger detangling basically the rakin method.

But that was not working too.

Well it worked the back section but then they came to the first section in the front it wasn’t working the back so I resorted to shingling guys shingling is everything No oh yeah.

You can see here I actually did the right side already and it was I looking at like who I wanted to look so I decided to go back to the first section and shingle that you can see macros are just so much more defined I was kind of skeptical about wrinkling in the first place just because I did it a couple months ago and it did not like how.

It looked at all so I was pretty nervous but no jinglun is probably gonna be made go to wash and go techne just because it gave me so much definition I really really enjoyed it I’ve also been embracing my shrinkage a lot more so this method doesn’t completely annoy me yeah now as you can probably see in this upcoming clip I wish what a definition is so amazing.

I just read me to be same steps for the rest of my head spritzing with the leave-in conditioner going in with a Joe I’m also going over the parts that are kind of frizzy and stuff with extra gel yeah as you can see I was loving the definition so there is a complete.

360 of my hair of course I had to be extra I’ll put it in slo-mo but yeah I was really.

Really enjoying this now it’s the next.

Day and I just have my hair in these two puffs to stretch it completely overnight and I just open those up the next day we always had a hard time taking out this.

Ruffle I took out the other side and I just shook my head so that the crows fall into place etc I also had two hair pins keeping down the section so I took the result and here’s a little 360 of what my hair was.

Looking like of course about it looks a little weird until they picked it so yeah I also picked the roots to get more volume now I’m going to do my edges with.

My brush and some eco styler gel I think I use a pink one yeah very simple I just did a little soup in method whatever you call it took a hairpin and stuck it to keep it about I like having one side of my hero to my face and the other side falling into my face so yeah that is actually it for this video I really hope you enjoyed it if you.

Try this product but this combination if you tried the shampoo condition or anything like that let me know how it worked for you a lot to know I’d love to see your recreations as well so yes I will talk to you later bye everyone.

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