Weston A Price/nourishing Traditions Homemade Baby Formula Tutorial – Part 1 Of 3

Weston A Price/nourishing Traditions Homemade Baby Formula Tutorial – Part 1 Of 3

Hello i’m angie and registered nurse and a new mom and i have a recipe today for a homemade formula i’ve had so many requests for this recipe that i decided to go ahead and make a video the recipe is in this book nourishing traditions i highly recommend it it’s also on the website wwhen I price gorg that’s w.

Es t o in a PR IC e dot work and I’ll.

Post it below this video in the description it’s got all the fa Q’s and the nutritional analysis as to how this recipe compares with breast milk.

Nutritionally it’s so much better than your store-bought soy based formulas it’s made from all-natural ingredients many of them organic I use raw milk raw cream anyway let’s get started first of all we want to start with some water I have some filtered water here that.

I’m going to heat on the stove in a pan don’t use the microwave I’m going to get this started here and we don’t want to boil it we just.

Want to bring it to a nice simmer and I want to start with our first ingredient this is bovine gelatin good to see it is Bernard Jensen’s bovine gelatin it’s all organic from grass-fed beef right all of the reasons why we use the different ingredients are on the website the.

Western a price not org but the reason for the gelatin is it is supposed to help the baby’s digestive system deal with the.

Casein in the raw milk it’s helped it’s what it’s supposed to help them deal with that and the lactose is in the cow’s milk better than they normally would without it.

Alright so got my wire whisk here and I get all my ingredients and all my you together ahead of time otherwise it’s a pretty it’s a pretty.

Big process as you’ll see I’ll go ahead and show you what I have here have my see I have a picture which I mixed the formula in my nursing traditions cookbook I.

Have the recipe memorized by now so I don’t use it very much my raw milk that I get.

From a dairy right down the road it’s a certified grade-a Dairy this is the feeding system that I use it’s the Playtex drop-ins with the natural latex.

Nipple it’s all BPA free this is.

How the formula is is made I make it and then I store it in these Playtex drop-ins it’s actually a breast milk storage system but I use it for the formula it.

Works great because I put these in the fridge and then when I’m ready for a bottle I just pull this out you drop it right into the bottle as you can see I’ve become a desk doing this with one hand with a baby on the other.

Dropping into some hot water to warm it take this lid off screw your lid right on top your nipple right on top and you’re ready to go so that’s that’s how it works I have all of my cups set up here these are just breakfast glasses and I have the drop-ins all ready to go here set to pour the formula into my cream I went on where I get creme.

From the dairy I portion it all out in quarter cup quantities that’s how much the recipe calls for and I freeze them so then when I need to make.

The recipe I just pull one of these bags out of the freezer let it thaw you.

Can use other regular bottles and just put them in a warmer these are all bpa-free I prefer these just because I can use this nipple that I like with them but I don’t have quite enough I have some.


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