Tony Robbins Advice For Personal Trainers

Tony Robbins Advice For Personal Trainers

Are you’re trading time for money that’s the worst trade you can ever make in your life I quoted tiny robins in my book with the words I learned from him and that was don’t trade your time for money it’s the worst trade in the world and then when I saw him say it with Lewis Howes on the school.

Of brightness show that I highly recommend you tune into it brings up that eight important sets of you as a trainer a coach a health professional can use from today to build.

The business that you really want because that means you’re able to earn the money that you want you can start charging what you’re worth you can start living with the life stolen one having to freedom as for me being in the gym 12 hours a day six days a week I wasn’t able to live with the freedom I wasn’t able to have the lifestyle that I wanted and that’s all changed I always tell people were all financial traders I think I’m not a.

Are you’re trading time for money that’s the worst trade you can ever make in your life somebody who’s wealthy has made money their slaves are no longer the slave to money and the way they do that is they figured out how to become an owner and the way you do that in the most simplistic way I even thought of my first book what you have to decide there’s a percentage of money that you’re going to keep.

Forever you’re not going to give.

It to Kate Spade or Ferrari or anything else you can do that to but there’s a percentage of that income that never will be touched that you will grow and compound it will provide income the rest of your life so you don’t have to work but let’s be.

Honest there’s a really good chance that you’re feeling completely overwhelmed with what to do and even where to start are you feeling frustrated from trying so many different things but not getting the traction not getting the clients on board especially when you’re tired from training clients all day long to then having to sit down and trying to build your ultimate business but you could even be asking yourself the question that I.

Asked myself when I was training clients six days a week 12 hours each day and that was how much longer.

Can you keep doing this as for me the penny drop was when I was in.

The gym in Dubai from 6:00 in the morning and I was finishing up late in the afternoon and I had to try and race home to give my daughter the bottle to put her to bed and I missed out I’d been.

In the gym all day I was too busy didn’t get home in time and it was the consecutive time.

Of having to go through this in a broke my heart.

Man that I wanted to be I wasn’t being the.

Husband I want to be I wasn’t being the farmer that I wanted to be and that was because my business was holding me back and that had to change and from the outside in I was running a successful personal training business I had trainers working for me I was charging a premium.

In the had a full book of clients I even got known on media as a young leading entrepreneur in Dubai but the real truth was I wasn’t living the lifestyle I wanted I wasn’t earning the money that I wanted and I was stuck in the time for money truck so in this episode we’re.


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