Ask Dr. Gundry: Should I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar?

Ask Dr. Gundry: Should I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar?

I happen to know the owner of the biggest apple cider vinegar company in the world and she’s a fantastic lady what I’ll tell you about apple cider vinegar is that it definitely reduces blood sugar spikes after eating and it does so in a very very interesting way there’s nothing magical and mystical about it your stomach after you eat.

Something particularly protein and begins secreting lots of acid to digest the protein that’s what the stomach is there for and the stomach has a valve.

Called the pyloric valve the pylorus that stays shut and the stomach senses how much acid is in the stomach and when it senses that the acid has gone down which means the protein has been broken down by the acid.

Then it sends a signal for the valve to open up and.

Release this digested protein into the next part of the intestines one of the things that apple cider vinegar does is actually add additional acid into the stomach so in a way it fools the sensor of how much acid is in the stomach and so your pyloric valve doesn’t open as early now you can also.

Do this with other vinegars balsamic vinegar will work red wine vinegar any of the rice vinegar will work apple cider vinegar probably has an additional benefit and that’s that funny stuff called the mother and quite frankly these are dead bodies of yeast and bacteria and we.

Now know that these things actually communicate information to our immune cells as if they were living bacteria or living certain types of fungi and the immune system calmed down so those are two actually really.

Good reason to use apple cider vinegar sighs it’s great on salad thanks for watching don’t forget to visit my website linked in the description box below for more of my best tips if you haven’t already click the circular channel icon to subscribe and make sure you never miss another video because I’m dr. Gundry and I’m always looking out for you..


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