Black Market Baby Formula Ring Busted In Melbourne

Black Market Baby Formula Ring Busted In Melbourne

Blackmarket baby formula ring busted as police seized nearly 1 million dollars worth of milk powder and cash in Melbourne raids police have cracked a black market baby formula ring arresting seven people and finding hundreds of tins of allegedly stolen milk powder officers raided properties at Richmond sunshine and Braybrook and Melbourne on Thursday they uncovering more than $300,000 worth.

Of allegedly stolen property including baby formula and beauty products and about five hundred thousand dollars cash a 34 year old Footscray man has been charged with handling.

Stolen goods and is due to appear at.

Melbourne Magistrates Court in February six others ranging in age from 31 to 77 are being interviewed Victoria Police said the raids came after a four week investigation Detective Sergeant Mark Anderson told The Herald Sun that the cash seized is believed to have been made from selling the goods in Victoria and abroad we found Papua perfume and face creams and just the general items you can.

Buy at the supermarket he told the paper the cash found is believed to be made.

As a profit from selling these stolen goods..

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