Baby Food Challenge!

Baby Food Challenge!

Here I am Britney kannaiah madam most of you will be new because we just created our YouTube last week yeah and if you haven’t already give us a thumbs up and please subscribe and greatly appreciate it so today we’re doing the baby food challenge we have eight different baby foods ranging from fruit vegetables and meats I’ve seen it.

Done a few different ways the way we’re gonna do it is we’re going to try the same baby food at the same time guess out loud what it is and then write it down and then when we’re done trying all.

Of them we are going to add up the points and see who won and I am NOT very excited for this because I have a really bad gag reflex and you might see some puke on this on a couple of these but I don’t know I might be pretty strong today we’ll see and we’re not winning anything in particular.

Just bragging rights or literally just doing this just a smooch later tonight there are stomachs to ojeda try one first which was certainly.

Fun and we can’t see any of the labels so we just we number two the lids and we’re gonna go from there but I think I mixed one of them up so that smells like tuna ready is there a tuna.

I do not wanted to start oh we thought this would be fun because we’re having a baby and soon well not soon but eventually our kid will be eating stuff like this so we might we’ll try what they eat oh I don’t feel like a clunk on here okay no you need more a little bit not that much thanks Kim that’s enough I’ll ask Mary something like tomato soup smells like.

Yeah any of these up I think with baby food you’re supposed to feel real up how many morning said anymore what do you think that one was tomato soup it tastes like it has like vegetables I know that maybe rice also put rice and vegetables okay one of these has to feed you all right you’re getting big baby yeah the baby does not mean there were a real food taste like you and this food is not gonna go to waste I checked and dogs can’t have baby food.

As long as there’s no garlic powder or onion powder so our dogs are going to enjoy eight gourmet meals mix the pair dog food oh gosh this one is the smells like tuna stings did you get.

It to one they don’t have tuna oh I don’t think I can eat this whole put you in so long I’m gonna gag on all these snow that is disgusting it tastes like refried beans it’s just like chicken and beans kind of chicken it is there is this only like one ingredient or is it yeah different tastes like chicken beans I guess the.

Texture of refried beans with the taste of like boiled chicken it’s not good boiled chicken boiled chicken chicken beans all right Oh God one of these has to be good all right one’s got to be good spoonful oh it smells fruity oh yes I.

Think it could get behind everyone’s because it’s like applesauce don’t like applesauce see you there soon oh I guess some more okay that wasn’t you.

That was not bad green beans that wouldn’t make sense I don’t taste fruit you can.

Kind of get the seed like have a feeling you’re saying yeah really I guess you do have a baby inside you soon bananas and bears you’re way better than this enemy because I have a very basic you have a pallet cat all right almost done just about a half way through this is that won’t that last one wasn’t too bad but the first two oh my.

God too bad it would better warm this one was awful I had a babies.

Eat this because they don’t know what real food tastes like it or but you’re gonna come on I wanted to us to do baby holes how do you mean should know.

Me by now this one is not too bad either stones smells like applesauce police for.

The ones are delicious okay yeah the fruit ones aren’t too bad so if you’re gonna try any baby food do the fruit ones but yeah that’s it’s not too bad that’s that’s banana in that one yeah I’m stealing your answer better stop telling me well maybe maybe now maybe apples and banana all right it’s not the last of the fruit ones there’s a I think that would.

Maybe try that one yeah that one looks disgusting no the small kins it’s not answer Gerber Oh what are they all like tuna mmm dogs are gonna love this because sorry love it ad√®le first me first hookers can’t plug my nose when I do it Oh number seven.

Four three five six this is number six I got all these messed up only two more after this oh I get guests on five yeah yeah all my tomatoes super tuna that’s carrots it.

Can’t stay alive because it makes me want to steal it no don’t steal it can your own I don’t know what that one was.

Chicken coop that’s good because that one didn’t taste like boiled chicken maybe like chicken gravy just cuz they hit back you’re good at this consistency all right two more that’s right now in first Oh one seven oh wait.

Maybe not because these ones seem.

To be the icky ones I’ll just take it you know they say anything you Tytos no one more can after this one I guess I’m not gonna tell you my guess to just.

Steal because my guesses are better than yes water did.

Tastes watery watermelon huh then we don’t water melon okay I’m going in for this nasty Wow don’t even wait now oh that one’s the consistency’s worse to it yeah okay look at it I’m sorry people did you try it it’s just so worried I’m done close them up well winery what’s 8.

Or 7 7 I don’t know I’m gonna put a question mark and then 8 I’m gonna guess more chicken how many chickens did you get maybe I’ll try turkey all right so we’re.

Gonna reveal what everything is all right okay so number one number one was macaroni and beef with vegetables oh I did tomato soup maybe rice and vegetables so I got the best I think.

You got that one right well no I don’t like maybe half a point but I did just tomatoes or ciaossu it’s nasty gerber ham and ham gravy I got chickens it was completely wrong there’s good one this one is delicious for.

All you people who lots of Apple snacks you want to try some baby food pairing raspberry raspberry is the way to go so I got berries this blue salad boom wins their me cuz I actually have berries on my paper okay that’s fruit salad no what okay let’s this one it’s apple mango and kiwi so I got apples that wasn’t bad either I got apples.

– oh we are number four we tried that one okay.

So this one number five we can’t remember what that one was oh we’re chicken and gravy is what I guessed I guessed poop does.

That one taste horrible I guess something real um red beans and rice no I forgot what it tastes like.

I’m not gonna taste it again beef and.

Beef broth why is they always beef and beef you know all.

Right for that no you don’t get a point for potato.

I got one poor so far okay so in this one I put carrots inform I put carrots corn and sweet potato all right I guess you can definitely taste it now when I thoroughly smell bad number seven I did not guess because I had no idea what the taste sauce I.

Guess the watermelon squash I’ve never you know.

Real squash I’ve been either came in this net this one was probably be worst what do you think I said Turkey I said turkey Turkey I got.

Two points with okay so I got to I got three points oh wait I got four miss I got four I get great participation.

Points because this is nasty and I agree to it so now we’re not gonna eat it.


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