Making Baby Alive Food Packets Know Number One

Making Baby Alive Food Packets Know Number One

Hey look about to in other videos so today what I’m saying is Baby Alive food packets if you have you want to go get these there is two three four packets you can get the gallon or go to fun with baby you can go you have to when you go to scroll down there’s gonna be like new.

Diapers and stuff about Toys R Us may be different because you know maybe if you see this he’ll be a different time so if you.

Scroll down there’s a 2016 button click there and you’ll find these food but food packets yes I have a baby life and it’s silicone baby doll please don’t judge me I know I’m tanning on and I should not be playing with on but whatever guys just.

Whatever so I’m going to tell you all the food packets a bottle food cherry doll food peas dolphin orange doll food banana doll food pears doll fig then the next one great dog juice birthday cake doll food french fried tofu hot dog doll food.

Hi doll food lemonade doll juice next one I would use cherry juice blueberry juice orange juice banana juice pear juice last one I screamed all food pineapple doll food watermelon doll food strawberry doll food carrot doll food and pizza doll food so yeah.

That’s a lot and I have my baby dolls.

Diaper bag here all their stuff in here like bottles extra with the milk not.

Real let’s just made our marker and stuff a book I made okay so yeah that’s technically it and I have a bunch of these powders so.

I’m gonna show you how to make their fit first you want to get a ball I’m gonna set you up like that what a bowl you want a spoon it doesn’t matter if you can use their spoon or not and.

Then you want to make sure you’re baking baking soda if not then it will probably work I don’t know it could be different for you guys and I made these little.

Packets last night I am stretching them closed so I will probably be putting this cutting this open and putting it in some of these packets maybe yeah great doll juice may do that and so so you usually call them first but I’m not gonna.

Come I have this banana I have this orange I have this purple too I have a lot more purples I have this purple – I have three purples and when you mix it up with what you.

Need this is how purpley it’ll get.

I’ll get super purple some do something to his side I have it can either be it’s brown it can either.

Be tea or chocolate milk whatever one you want more banana which is a lot.

Used some today so it’s not a whole lot anymore cuz I just found my baby for dinner I have.

A strawberry which is pink which you can’t see because in sin and pink container and that’s it so I learned you can either use hang on.

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