What Food Size And Shape Is Best For Baby Led Weaning?

What Food Size And Shape Is Best For Baby Led Weaning?

Hi guys today we’re talking about different ways that you can serve food to your six-month-old okay it’s Renee with new ways nutrition and today we’re focusing on how you can cut food differently for your baby so one of the things that I see a lot is people out there saying that there is this is the way that you.

Have to cut the food to make it good for your six-month-old if you’re starting to serve table foods like baby led weaning baby self feeding whatever you want to call it I would just like to give.

You guys a little bit of a demonstration from personal experience professional experience whatever you want to call it there is not one way to serve food every baby is going to be different every baby is different developmentally every baby has different skills some babies have the pincer grasp before they even start eating some.

People take way longer to develop that and that’s gonna determine what your baby enjoys a little bit.

So the key that I would just love.

For you to take away is there is no right way there’s a safe way and that’s what’s important but there is lots of different ways within that safety limits to serve foods to your babies so I have a couple examples here for you the first one I have is a banana so this is gonna be your traditional way that they recommend you do it in baby led weaning and.

That’s great this doesn’t always work some babies love this some babies don’t this is safe another way that is completely safe I cut it this way right so you can see it it’s a little bit it’s cut in half lengthwise this is also perfectly safe and some babies like it more both of these are great options there is no one right way with that so know that you should be looking at what works for your baby.

And try different things don’t assume that just because.

They will eat it one way they don’t like a food try all.

Sorts of different things I’ve got another example here we’ve got strawberries so with the strawberries I’ve cut.

Different ways one is literally just a strawberry now these are granted farm-fresh summer strawberries so they are actually really easy to squish so they are safe for babies if you’re doing an offseason strawberry or you’re in a place that really doesn’t get strawberries very locally if you will then you want to be really careful about the texture of them if they’re too hard your baby won’t be able.

To gum them so make sure you’re testing them or if.

You give them to your baby the first time just make sure you watch really closely at first so that they can gum them and they don’t put the whole thing in their mouth.

Without being able to squish it outside of that that is safe here is another option that we have so these right here are just basically like diced strawberries some babies like to just squish them in their hands and put them in their mouth some babies just like to.

Pick them up one by one these are small and nuts that if your baby does not chew them they will.

Not be a choking hazard so they have to be pretty small think about the size of.

Your babies airwave their windpipe is small so don’t cut.

Them you know 1/4 of a strawberry if they are not soft these are perfectly safe the way this size is though and my last example I have here for you these are just cut into like quarters lengthwise so this is.

Kind of more your traditional finger width if you will a baby can hold it on the end and then nimble off the top also safe some babies love it some babies don’t experiment with your babies next example we have some.

Avocado toast and some avocado wedges these are both perfectly safe a lot of babies when they’re first.

Starting to eat like the ease of toast and you can put all sorts of different things including avocado on it and a lot of times the baby’s just gonna.

Suck what is on it off this makes it a little bit easier than having to preload a spoon and get the spoon get your baby to put the spoon in their mouth so that’s an option and then the avocado wedges are easy for them just to.

Hold in their hand and then last I have three different types of eggs here so we have two examples of a hard-boiled and then I have a scrambled egg over here and these are.

By no means exhaustive of how you conserve eggs these are just I happen to choose these today so we have little wedges here of a hard-boiled egg pretty easy for them to hold if your baby has problems holding wedges it could be a little bit slippery you can always roll it in some.

Breadcrumbs or almond meal or something like that or just serve it a different way if you don’t feel like going through all that trouble this is.

A hard-boiled egg here that is just mushed up with a fork a lot of times I’ll serve that with some Greek yogurt so that it stays on a spoon and can be pre-loaded on the spoon or your baby can just grab it with their hand it’s a little bit of like an egg salad and you could put that on toast as well and then lastly I have here this is one way.

To serve a scrambled egg so this is your traditional scrambled egg I didn’t do anything special for the baby but you can see here that.

It’s in clumps and I’ve left it in clumps so that the baby can just grab it with their palm and get it in their mouth there’s also some that are a little bit more of finger width size so they can also do that you can also make the scrambled egg in a kind of omelet style and I’ve got a video on my channel on how to do that if you’re wanting some different ideas for eggs so these are just a couple of ideas that I grabbed off the.

Top of my head to show you that there are so many different safe ways that you can serve your baby it.

Doesn’t have to be one way it has to be what is safe and what your baby wants so if you’re not finding that you’re having success one way make sure you try it again and even if it doesn’t happen one way try that same way again in a couple weeks just because they don’t like.

Avocado wedges one week doesn’t mean they’re not gonna like them next week when their skills are different so the name of the game is all sorts.

Of different experimentation and just keep trying when they’re six months old seven eight they really.

Are just determining their preferences so make sure you give them lots of chances to experiment alright I hope you learned something and have a good day.


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