2 Month Update | Queen Weave Beauty | Best Hair On Aliexpress – Super Quality In 2018!

2 Month Update | Queen Weave Beauty | Best Hair On Aliexpress – Super Quality In 2018!

Like the curse tonight we bought like best communication gave you I don’t unders I’m just going to take this fake home and I’m just gonna like home out the curls so they’re not as tight tear is so beautiful like I in love with what up y’all welcome back to my channel so today I’m doing a 2 month update.

On this hair that I received from Queen beauty here so about 2 months ago I said my initial review audience here where I showed you guys how I basically.

Got this color it was a coppery color I will link the video listed right here above the screen this video.

Is just to let y’all know like what’s good with the Year like was really good with this hair from Queen Beauty year initially when I first saw their I did pull down my unit so I would have here for about two weeks um.

Only that first two weeks like a year did shed fight of.

It I mean it wasn’t nothing too crazy but there was shedding now as far as tangling they care did not tangle at all and I’m.

Not I’m gonna keep repeating this like in everybody I don’t tie my hair down at all to sleep at night so if you’re sleeping on here every night without signing that it’s gonna tangle up somewhat the next way cuz like actually nur does this this so um yeah they’re gonna tangle at all so I was really shocked with that they nurse very smooth it’s very silky but here was amazed and as far as tangling and you know just the sweetness of it the only.

Issue I was having witnessed Tara first was that one side of the frontal light as you guys can see the frontal is I.

Think it’s like a it’s either is 16 or 18 inches with the bundles in the back are like a 20 22 and 24 Belize but the chart is it’s really short and I think when I bleach there are probably like older process.

This side or I don’t know what happened over here so like it will get really dry I just guess since you right now like it looks completely.

Different from this side over here.

I don’t you guys can see it on camera but ellos it’s just in between its oh and saying like this back over here really.

Nerves like it really be doing its own thing so like the first you know a couple of times that I wouldn’t you’re like all the hair.

Will get real it would just be dry and I’m like okay over here it’s like perfectly fine like.

It takes the curls like it goes bone straight and.

I lay here just like what the hell so that.

Was like my only issue with the front so I think that your funnels are fine you guys.

The hair is beautiful like look at this it’s been two months and I just watched together for the first time last.

I’ve been waiting here but I literally.

Just watched the air for the first time last week and so.

Far I haven’t got any shedding but it’s not shedding any more um like I said bigger just like tangles so another thing I would like to say is that if you’re ordering any bundles from them bullet straight bundles that’s like longer than 22 I don’t say 20 you probably if you want like that full full look.

Because when I just got into your like the ends were like kind of thin so if you want like a really full full look if you’re.

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