Poison Being Used In Infant Baby Formula Similac Enfamil Gerber Gmo

Poison Being Used In Infant Baby Formula Similac Enfamil Gerber Gmo

So guys this video is very important it’s about companies that are using GMOs in baby formulas and usually these baby formulas are given to you for free and what they contain is GMOs which have things like pesticides basically poison and could have a lot of effects with defects or things that could harm your baby and these three companies.

That are using GMOs are the big ones Similac it’s one of the widest use brands.

Usually the baby’s born and.

The first thing they stick in its mouth is a bottle of Similac from the hospital and if it’s not Similac Enfamil and this is really disturbing and like they say in this article they usually given.

To mothers for free if you go to your pediatrician when you leave the hospital you’re usually giving some Similac or a box of Enfamil and Gerber you know Gerber GMO riddled with GMOs and it’s baby formula so you have Enfamil Similac and Gerber and what I think you need to.

Do is read this article but then I would I would I would call you politicians.

I would call these companies I would protest I would boycott the.

Last thing that you want is for your baby to be having.

GMOs there are a lot of statistics coming out babies today aren’t the same as babies a few years ago and I would say these this is one of the reasons there’s all these GMOs and.

GMO is basically I don’t care what people say you should read it to GMOs and the come you know who makes them and there’s certain things about GMOs that.

You definitely want to do your homework on like I said I will put a link to this article below so you can click on it and share it share it tell other mothers or parents.

I would definitely tell your doctors and I would definitely contact I don’t know whoever your local politician is or your senator um I would contact these companies and demand that they stopped putting GMOs and and baby formula of all things and that’s really it so please read this article please share it share it on your Facebook share it on your Twitter and do something because the only person that’s gonna protect your babies you no one else is gonna be a.

Better advocate or protector venue for your own baby alright hope all as well I hope to talk to you guys soon and have a healthy baby have a healthy heart and have a good night okay bye.

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