Hot Oil Treatment On Natural Hair – Super Quality !

Hot Oil Treatment On Natural Hair – Super Quality !

Hello guys welcome back this video is a quick hot for your treatment look at how bad my hair looks right now so I’m going to go ahead and do a DIY hot oil treatment and I’m using two spoons of coconut oil Ganga coconut oil in any supermarket around you and also I’m going to use mustard oil this motor.

Great for all hair types and it makes your hair to be rich and gives it texture I’m going to use just one spoon and this.

Is us is amazing I’m going to put all the benefits of all this oil down in description box and then I bought some water from a little.

Pot but then I place my oil in in the water like so and Allah it melts so while I am waiting for it.

To melt I’m going to go out section my hair so use my hi session in two three that’s like so then I get the oil I pour the oil in a little protein so first of all I’m going to spray my hair with.

Water to give it moist so I’m going to get the oil right now so I put it up where the oil is what you see then I begin to apply.

It to my scar walking it out or to my head like that I’m using my hand I’m cookies in the hand in loads I was already used.

Compulsive so physically this is what I’m going to be doing you know to get the.

Oil all over my scar on my hair again after I get it home and I and I tried to pass the coat come true you know when.

Despoja touches the hey my my hair becomes so soft had it come easily pass American tea doing.

These on – I have finished applying the oil to be three sections of my way you so for this video to use this FEMA crap this cup you can write this cup from new chief dot-com and it’s very affordable the quality of this.

Cup is amazing is very very nice you know there’s an inner cup inside that you can easily you know remove by unzipping it and wash it and fixing it back and also you can your goodness you plug this and this is it’s so easy to use you know it.

Came with an extra plug just in case you know the country you live in you know I sell to too much flow so I’m going.

To remove the bone I make on my head so that I can you know where they shower cap on my head after that I’m going to go ahead and get the steamer cup like so you see I’d like to show you how you can unzip and put it back.

So I’m going to wear this right now and I’m going to plug it and put it on you know and immediately you put this on you.

Know if it begins to be you know warm the feeling is so amazing it’s not hot hot hot hot you just warm and the temperature goes oh and after.

A while it comes back down you know so you wear this for like 20 to 30 minutes before you think of washing in here and while I was doing that I was using my phone watching my TV program trying to watch my other youtube friends you.

Know and do other things and before I knew it.

And so yeah I just want to show you our testimonies look how my hair looks nice even caca you know and this is so nice so what I’m going to do next is to wash off the oil just one coat of shampoo I wash off.

The oil and yeah this is the amazing wizard my hair feels soft my hair feels even and everything is perfect so guys don’t forget to check the link over where to buy this Dimmick.


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