Getting On Track For The New Year Fitness Advice Health Chat Real Hollywood Trainer

Getting On Track For The New Year Fitness Advice Health Chat Real Hollywood Trainer

Today we’re happy new year everybody that was our workout we did 2017 fitness 20 reps and 17 rest boots two different things put some cardio my soul head and work out to start off the new year this is that a little bit of a slow start uploading your first video up engineer I’m gonna be taking to our track.

Of it is getting back to uni it so keep starting your new year’s fitness or whatever you look at all these years health plan so sometimes you know everybody knows everybody goes wah people around.

Ears make year’s resolutions eat healthier workout mark do this one is add 1 i’m also lets just want to get back on track after getting throughout the holidays for so long.

Being courses all that candy around your face some good food and stuff then just traveling and you know how is on holidays i’m sure it will help it you can get.

A little bit off your regular routine so happens we need you and you know let me let me guess I just losing it.

Sometimes just knock down your first four years of like haha go not so it’s okay just get a slow start start anywhere in I did you do you know that you’re going to get into your fitness and wellness solutions especially if you’re someone like me you already have their plans that actually really like doing it I’m excited.

Is my healthy lifestyle and I’m doing it baby steps will human here here probably doesn’t want customers some raining so much in Los Angeles and we’re just off storm so this might happen or work out a little challenging a little challenging when it’s raining all the time.

But we still do our boot camp out there are just too demonic lat I can’t see my running but I just don’t want and today yesterday i’m singing a man of all the sunny.

Days we have to get out there and get back into what i.

Like to do because i want to have a good set 2017 I want to start real friend the years a great time to start have a little old bad.

Habits or if you know just to give yourself just to get yourself motivated and moving and see what you’re close to so I am happy to be my 55 let’s see you here working out with me today here and work out buddies whoo so I am gonna be posting more videos pre-2010 seen from space into that and remember if.

You guys work out and you want to say thanks for the donation destinations button right.

In love with video you can donate and say hi Sophie thanks for the workouts and I want yes alright so also if it’s a hundred extra diet if you really want to just get rid of from about how.

Many weight my pet beige hat red that’s our diet you can please look depends on the set like pending.

Whereas more than us sorry we went to see mounds that appendix gifts sorry great way to promote it Sophie’s now you can move the 15 jump test how the.

Fattest just the ten days of the program is only 799 so high protein low fat side and as pc thats told you get.

Through to yellow you get all high system okay i’ll see you guys later next time take care love you nice to see you again happy 17 2017.

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