What My 7month Old Eats In A Day

What My 7month Old Eats In A Day

Olivia wakes up about Harper six seven o’clock and she will have her milk we give her the hip organic milk and she has about seven ounces sometimes she takes the whole bottle sometimes she leaves a little bit this morning she actually only took about 6 ounces about 8 o’clock Olivia will have a breakfast so this morning I am.

Just peeling up an apple and chopping it into pieces then I’m gonna put this in my steamer once it’s done I flip it over.

Up to turn it into a puree then Olivia is having Ready Brek this morning I normally put in about 2 to 3.

Tablespoons of the porridge and I.

With some water and the puree Apple I use different fruit so she gets different tastes each day but she really loves this and as you can see she can’t wait to get them and she normally finishes the whole bowl I like Olivia to have a little bit of finger.

Food as well so after a breakfast she’s just having a couple of raspberries I normally just rip these up into smaller pieces for her she can eat these quite well and a lot of the time she can pick them up herself I find that this is really good for like their fine motor skills but it does get a little bit messy and I.

Do help her out a little bit when she gets stuck for lunch Olivia’s going to have avocado and banana I’ve used about half of the banana and half the avocado and I’m just going to mash it together Olivia really enjoyed this one and she actually ate.

Nearly all of it but obviously with the avocado in there it’s got some really good healthy fats which helps keep her feeling full up and then I’m just gonna let Olivia have some of these Ella’s kitchen melty puffs she really likes these they’re so easy for her to hold it’s just that little bit of finger food.

Again and I find cuz these take her at least a while to eat it just gives her that time for her lunch to go down before she’s crawling around the place again about one o’clock Olivia will have another bottle she has seven ounces but as you.

Can see I’ve only actually added three ounces of boiling hot fresh water and then I add her seven scoops of.

Milk I do this because I found a way to make the perfect temperature bottle so once I’ve done this I mix it up to kill all the bacteria in the formula and then I’ve got a.

Freshly boiled cold water that I keep in the fridge and I took my bottle up with that this just makes it the perfect.
Temperature and then I make a fresh.

One to put back in the fridge for my next bottle and then we just have a little cuddle on the sofa and Olivia normally takes all of this bottle then for dinner Olivia is going to have some cauliflower cheese so I’ve just put some cauliflower in my steamer and then I’m making a cheese sauce this is the sauce that is from the Annabelle Carmel’s book and then I just.

Blend it all together and I’ve made enough here for a couple of other.

Meals as well so Olivia’s just gonna have some of the cauliflower cheese with some thin toast fingers that I’ve made I’ve put a tiny tiny little bit of butter on this but.

She absolutely loves this toast she normally eats a little bit of dinner and then a little bit of toast a little bit of dinner a little bit of toast and that’s how we end up eating our evening meal although she hasn’t got any tea she manages.

To eat this really well and she actually ate all the toast I forgot to say earlier with every meal I also offer Olivia a little bit of water we use this dr. Brown’s little sippy cup and she seems to drink quite well from it but now she’s over six months she can actually have.

Water straight from the tap which makes life a lot easier and she also tries to pick this little cup up herself for a dessert she’s gonna have this Ella’s kitchen red wine this is just a fruit pouch there’s all different fruit in there and no other nasties or other stuff this was left over.

From yesterday so there was only about half in the packet but you can keep these in.

The fridge for 24 hours after they’ve been opened then at 7 o’clock Olivia will have her last bottle she has 7 ounces again I’ve taken math trick-or-treating so daddy gets to feed Olivia tonight sorry it’s a no.

Makeup day today but that is what Olivia eats in a day I hope that you enjoyed this video if you did let me know in the comments below and then I could maybe make this like a regular.

Thing to do but I would also love for you to stick around and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so already but thanks for watching and I hope to see you again soon bye I’ve been feeling so small watch the clock.


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