6 Month Old Baby + Postpartum Update : Baby Food, Trying To Crawl, Weight Loss

6 Month Old Baby + Postpartum Update : Baby Food, Trying To Crawl, Weight Loss

This is six-month-old Aaron Michael he just got his shots today as you can see Calvin got one – there’s Calvin big brother back there so yeah today we are here for our six-month baby update and um yeah we just went to the doctor we literally just got back from the doctor visit 18 pounds 5.

65th percentile which is pretty normal especially compared to big brother Calvin he was always like 80th 90th percentile Aaron is tall though he’s 28 inches tall which is the 94th which is like what and his head.

Is 43 point two centimeters which is only 43rd percentile which is a pretty average sized head which was what Calvin always had so he’s a tall boy.

But he’s not big he’s not doesn’t have a big head he’s just really tall yeah so I’ve got only no it’s here on my phone and super super good.

At grabbing stuff he’s definitely like very precise like he’s pretty good about getting when he’s actually like reaching for which is pretty cool he is starting to get distracted while nursing and what was the other thing that had to do with that he likes to watch Calvin and he’s been grabbing his.

Ear the last week or two like while he’s nursing he’ll just like it’s usually his left ear it’s usually his left ear he’ll just like yank the crap out of this thing while he’s nursing when he’s really tired which i think is kind of cute but it’s also like he like really hangs on it oh my dude how can that feel good but that’s just kind of a interesting cute little quirk of his you.

May notice on him he’s got 1,000 bug bites because he’s always going outside with the grandmas and apparently the mosquitos like really really liked him he has been napping in his own room lately and he’s doing pretty good at it it took a little while to kind of get used.

It but so far so good at the beginning he would.

Only take like maybe 20 30 minute naps I don’t know if he just wasn’t really comfortable in there usually before we start putting him in his own crib for nap time.

We would just put him in the swing downstairs and just let the swing put him to sleep which was super easy but we know he’s got to grow up and get.

Out the swing right so hey what are you doing so anyway he’s been sleeping in his own room officially for naptime and bedtime he’s been in his room for bedtime for a long time now um let’s see he’s definitely been cruising in the Walker on the hardwood it’s too hard for him to push on the carpet but he’s working really really hard at crawling he’s actually like getting up on all fours which I really don’t.

Think Calvin ever did I think Calvin just went straight to like army crawling um but Aaron’s like really getting up and you know like like wiggling back and forth.

And like really wanting to like he looks like he’s like about like a cat like he’s like gonna pounce on things so he’s been really trying hard to get up and moving as far as crawling is concerned so I think I’ve been saying it for like a month now but I think any day now he’s gonna finally make the little.

You know the couple little steps a couple little crawling motions any day now he’s actually gonna start moving along.

Sometimes he can kind of like push himself forward but I wouldn’t really call it crawling just yet oh he totally.

Doesn’t like being alone I think I’ve mentioned that before like anytime you leave the room for like one whole second he’s like end of the world he doesn’t like it when Calvin leaves you know he’s not by someone else he gets.
Really sad about it he just loves.

Being around people he just he cannot be happy by himself he gets lonely very easily I guess he hasn’t eating baby food that’s one.

Of the new things I wanted to wait until 6 months for him but we started at a couple weeks ago so a couple weeks early we started giving him some baby food he’s had stuff like carrots.

Applesauce um what else have you eaten peaches I think peaches was his peach was his first food.

So that’s exciting some yummy stuff been eating some yummy stuff I’ve also given him like little tiny bites so like we had pancakes last night I gave him a couple little squishing zuv pancake and then I just you know teeny tiny little like teeny tiny thing and he just kinda like mush it around then eventually like.

Falls out of his mouth and I gave him a couple of little lentils the other night we were having lasagna and I gave him a couple lentils and here’s kind of much those around until they called out fell out fall out that’s totally.

Not a word not proper English we s was exciting baby food is just kind of an exciting time in general I did want to wait until six months but he just started like he’ll sit with us at dinnertime and he just started like really getting into what we were eating and like watching us really closely and like.

Really interested in what we were eating so I was like okay I guess we’ll just we’ll just give it a go I started baby food with Calvin at four months and I regretted that I’ve always regretted that I thought it was way too early for him and so I’m glad that we made it a little bit further this time along with little Aaron oh he does randomly sleep through.

The night at this point maybe once or twice a week or so he will sleep all the way through the night from like 7:00 p. which is pretty long time for a baby you know sometimes he wakes up but like three or four lately.
Like last night he woke up at 2:00 which was super.

Crappy but he’s just he’s normally not like that he’s.

Normally pretty close to five o’clock like three four or five o’clock in the morning he is kind of getting on a sleep schedule as far as naps are concerned like one big morning nap and then kind of a crappy afternoon nap he hates afternoon naps but you can.

Tell he really needs one because he just gets really really tired and irritable just a mess in the afternoons so yeah he’s he’s pretty good about his morning naps definitely sometimes even takes to morning naps if they’re not that long you know but uh his afternoon naps he’s like not he doesn’t like those so that’s it for.
Aaron I do want to talk a little bit.

About postpartum stuff about myself I’ve mentioned the hair falling out thing still falling out and the little tiny baby hairs are starting to come back and they are freaking annoying they are like always stab me in the eye or like I can feel them on my face and I just can’t figure out where they’re coming from and it’s trying to get rid of them they drive me insane it’s insane I didn’t have.

That after Calvin at this time around this time okay Ethan come sit up here this time around with Aaron it’s like insane you can go put those in your room and your laundry basket thank you baby you’re the best I have made it back to my.

Pre-pregnancy weight I’m actually technically one pound less than my pre pregnancy with Aaron weight I was 140 when I found out I was pregnant with Aaron and.

I’m 139 and I’ve been at 139 for three weeks now previously I was losing at least half a pound a week very consistently like super easily like it was going so good until I hit the 140 139 mark and now I’ve been stuck at 139 for 3 weeks now and I know I shouldn’t be complaining I know I know it’s not that bad but it.

Just makes me mad because things were going so well up until this point and it’s the same point that.

I was with Calvin after I got to like 140 with Calvin it was so so hard to lose any more.

Weight and so I feel like we’re in the same stupid boat this time around who Theron and lastly about me I know it’s kind of kind of TMI I keep feeling like my period is.

Gonna come like I keep feeling really crampy and like moody and like off like mostly like crampy like I just feel like.

My period could be here at any moment and it keeps not being here like I’ll just feel that way for a couple days and then it’ll go away for a couple days and then I’ll feel like that for a couple days so that’s really weird my period didn’t come back.

Until nine months with Calvin and I know it’s different I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s different for every pregnancy so who knows how long it’ll be with mr. Aaron I just thought I would kind of mention.

That it’s just been weird it’s just been a really weird like I totally feel like it’s coming and it’s still not here so that’s it for our little update I hope you guys enjoyed the video please let me know if there are any other video suggestions you guys.

Would like to see down below and we will talk to you next time you.


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