Day In My Life – Liquid Lipsticks, Baby Proof Process, Indian Baby Food | Desigal1010

Day In My Life – Liquid Lipsticks, Baby Proof Process, Indian Baby Food | Desigal1010

Good morning guys it’s an early morning he and I woke up at 6 o’clock and I’m going to run some house works here and there I’m going to make his breakfast usually I’ve been feeding him homemade beauties and boiled egg cure and death and Sochi as well so what I’m going to do is we have pea try so.

We are trying to house proof.

Child proof the house we got the plugs he is up there I said good.

One Egypt he has a cutest smile ever he wakes up with a wide grin when we say good morning he’s all happy to be up and about so right now I’m actually boiling eggs for him and I have some brown eggs in the house so I’ll just boil couple of eggs he is.

Going to be 10 months soon and couple of weeks by the time this video goes up he will be 10 10 months so I started giving him the egg whites as well and he loves them I’m Ashley egg really well I’ll put this back in the fridge and what I got is a Ghazis butternut squash and some other raw.
Vegetables as well if I still.

Want to give him cereal and I’ll probably give him some blueberries and strawberries pureed in his cereal so I just add like a handful of doors.

And I mix them in his cereal and I usually cut these into small pieces I do a quick blend in the in the mix see and then he’s good to go and I’ve been constantly poaching out even if I don’t purge out.

My makeup that match or even if I don’t purge out my clothes or my husband’s clothes we’ve been constantly recycling and passing his older.

Clothes to other friends so I took out a bunch of his three to six months and six months age.

Range clothes so I’m going to wash them quickly and I’m going to hand them over to a friend today plus she can use it for her kids so that’s.

What’s happening and I I think I already showed you we actually ended up picking up the wrong detergent again this is like a draft child baby detergent but it’s apparently the girl version I have no idea why they have to differentiate girl and boy.

Fragrance in doesn’t as well the shine simulator Ola he’s right here oh and I’ll quickly give you a rundown of my makeup products.

Have purchased in the last few weeks I have been posting actively as much as I can on Instagram so just go ahead and check that out my latest purchase is this bad minerals pro foundation bear bareMinerals bear proof performance where.

Liquid foundation and this is supposed to have broad-spectrum SPF of 20 I’m in.

The shade sable 21 so for the most parts I use the find a sheen calm website to find my actual foundations and they have worked pretty well for me most of these years.

But if you’re having issues for our getting a match especially if here if you are here in the US then you can go.

Ahead and hop over to Sephora or Ulta they do pretty good match foundations I no longer trust Mac for foundations I mean Mac is still a good place to go but they usually try to pick up the orange-looking foundations and sam here with it but the foreign alta you have lot more brands so.

Can get matched is different even if you don’t like the first foundation match you can try to ask them for a second match mmm the next purchases I don’t know if I showed them on YouTube I definitely shared on Instagram these are the Physicians Formula healthy lip velvet finish I have two shades right here the most perfect shades in the entire line this one is very healthy it looks so so natural and so beautiful.

On my skin tone on my lips I’m definitely sure it’ll suit a lot of skin tones out there this is very healthy and the next is a red stirrer ative effects it’s like a brick red is not pure snow red or Christmasy kind of red it’s a brick red color it looks absolutely beautiful you should try these out then I picked I’ve been wanting to.

Try the Milani make it last setting spray forever I got one spray in the boxycharm but this is the cover of X illuminating set explai and this has that dewy glitters here and there but I wanted a.

Pure setting spray so that’s what I picked up the next is I picked up two eye pencils I’m constantly in the not in the hand but I love to try different cultural pencils to see how they wear on.

My contact lens as well what I realized over the years is if your contact lens is new like if you open a fresh pair then the Kajal gets on to it instantly because it’s more softer I believe so I got the Milani pencil.

And one in wet n wild so this one’s in.

Milani blackest black noir that’s how the pencil looks like.

Haven’t opened it yet and gotten wild on edge long wearing eye it says the shade is eight two five seven you’re the yin I don’t know what that means so this set up is still around we’re going to move this and house proof like get some states for the stairs and then plugs for the port etc is a high iodine I do.

Patrician is fast asleep he’s napping currently I got the clothes sorted out to move forward my friends baby’s laundry and dried them as well and while baby is sleeping I just had some food and then I actually sauteed boiled some vegetables like butternut squash tinder all the ones that I showed you and I boiled an egg so I feed him once he’s awake and that’s what pretty much today’s day is going to look.

Like happy weekend so I was just going and posting an insta story I forgot all about this it’s been about more than a month or so I got this braun silk-├ępil this is the Edition 9 I got this for about $90 on the Amazon website and this basically comes with one facial brush as well and five caps and this is a wet and dry epilator the older one that I had was a Braun silk-├ępil 7.

Version I think this is a nine I think this is the latest version usually a.

Plato’s are definitely painful but with my current lifestyles I don’t like shaving because your hairs come up.

Faster and they are rough and your skin texture is different with a plate is the the procedure the process is painful but your skin is going to be smoother.

And that effect lasts for at least more.

Than two weeks which is totally perfect for me in my and baby mommy lifestyle so yeah put this to test I’ll probably let you know.

How painful on a level of one to ten it was.

Getting ready to step out of the house we’ll.

Meet some friends rashon sup he’s an early baby early sleeping and early waking up is his forte and he’s currently with his Nana hi I quickly wanted to share my outfit for today we’re stepping.


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