Day In My Life – Liquid Lipsticks, Baby Proof Process, Indian Baby Food | Desigal1010

Day In My Life – Liquid Lipsticks, Baby Proof Process, Indian Baby Food | Desigal1010

Out to meet some family and I actually have the Space Coast my mother-in-law got this I think from Coimbatore a couple of years back and I have this plane top I got from Globus.

And I have to scourge you guys have seen this card I got this at Ross couple years couple of years back makeup is pretty simple these your rings are from India because they are multi colored and so so pretty it in pair them.

With any fusion wear like this as well and for my eyes I’m having the am wearing the L’Oreal where is it the law real carbon black extra intense liquid pencil eyeliner in the shade black and on my lips I have the Lancome lipstick in berry noir if I could find such lipstick around.

Everything disappears the moment I want to show to you guys okay so this is how the tube looks like I did do a review these were sent to me by Influenster a couple of months back almost like more.

Have my usual concealer I’m almost running out of my Mac pot finally finally I’ll show you how much progress I made and I’m super super happy because this has been in my collection if I could only open it this has been in my collection for almost.

Four years and I’m going to run out of it in about a month or so because I use it every single day for my mommy circles and that’s my cutie pie return and I’m also planning to do like a decluttered basically not a declutter series but I want to add.

Those some kind of a verification or identification on my products with stickers or something to let me know that these products are to be used out first for example this matte foundation I don’t feel comfortable putting something on my face which is almost like four years old so that’s that I got the bareMinerals Pro Foundation I shared it on my Instagram post the foundation shade sable basically.

Looked perfect when I did have a foundation match but it’s slightly lighter than my skin tone so maybe I’ll try to mix and.

Match it with my Milani darker shade in amber and see if that helps the foundation sit any better on my skintone before having a nice fabulous weekend with your family and friends and I will see you in the next clip you.


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