10 Tips & Hacks Traveling With A Baby| Short & Long Haul| Angie Lowis

10 Tips & Hacks Traveling With A Baby| Short & Long Haul| Angie Lowis

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to show you 10 tips for traveling with a baby or toddler so when I did my first short haul going to montrĂ©al I did a lot of research and when I did my second trip to Indonesia is a long haul it’s a 22 hours flight I did a.
Lot of research as well so I.

Thought I’m gonna summarize everything and I’m gonna share what tips that really works for me so hopefully it will works for you as well if this is your first time.

Watching my video my name is Angie Louis I’m a mom with a total boy named Brandon he is currently 20 months old and I love to make videos about motherhood.

Tips hacks cleaning video and an organization video I also make a lot of blocks video as well so if you like that kind of video make sure you like and subscribe because I post video three times a week now is every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 7 o’clock so we don’t further.

Ado I’m gonna share my 10 tips with you so the first one is zip block so zip locks were my best friend you.

Can get this at a supermarket you can get this at Dollar Stores is really affordable this to zip lock are my best friends so this is the large size and this is the medium size and what I like about it is it is clear so you can see everything when you have a lot of stuff on you carry on on your luggage and on your diaper bag really make your items organized because you can put your items in one category in one bag so I use this on my.

Luggage to put food pouches to put medicine to pans in one bag short sleeves on one bag short pants on my back on my carry-on this are.

My best friend as well because on security check you have to take out this zip.

Lock if you bring liquids and milk for example so what I did is I put my baby’s medicine in one bag so I put tylenol.

Just in case he does we were I put benadryl just in case he has an allergies at the reaction I also put hydroscience just in case he has a stuffy nose and he couldn’t.
Breathe and all of them are acquit and you can bring them but you just.

Have to put it on ziplock bag and you have to take it out when you are on the security check you don’t have to take it out from the Ziploc you just have to take it out from your carry-on if you’re traveling to like tropical area that.

Indonesia and you still have short ones these shorts the hem box so you have to put everything here so you don’t have to dig through.

It and then I put all diapers in one ziplock and just in case you.

Have your milk on bottles like brass milk or milk that you pop you can.

Also put it here by the time you got to the Security check you can just take it out.

And just put it on the belt my second tip is Google Excel so.

I love Google Excel and keep everything organized by using Google Excel so you can access it from your computer you can access it on your phone.

And every time I need to do something I put it on Google Excel I did my own wedding planning on Google Excel also my.

Son’s first birthday and also if I level to somewhere I like to put everything on my Google Excel and the first usually I have packing list I just write down everything that I need to get so I don’t forget so every time I think of something I can just write it on my Google Excel and if you’re outside you can just grab your phone and you can open the app and every time you already pack on your back you.

Can put like dun dun dun dun stuff like that dog oogle Excel was my best friend I put my packing list I put everything that I need to do before the travel everything there.

So I don’t forget anything but for example I need to require bassinet or I need to request this or I need to buy formula or diapers destination I would just write it down and every time I have implicit I just want it done and I don’t need to think about it anymore terr tips is to request bassinet and to request hot food when you travel when he was a baby and he still fit on the bassinet after I.

Booked it to Expedia I called Erin right away so.

I said oh my baby is how old and my baby you wait is this and.

I need to request that sinister and it’s really amazing even though you don’t want to.

Use the bassinet it’s up to you but the first row or the overhead so it’s so big it’s really wanted to sit at the front seat and you have to be fast they don’t have a lot of overhead seats so as soon as you book your ticket.

Just call the airline to get it the second thing is what I did is I also asked for baby food if your baby is still really.

Small they will give you like a baby food in the jar of baby food in a pouch so I still bring mine just in case my son doesn’t like it at that time he that would be like chicken so they give me a chicken pouch and he doesn’t really like it so I have mine but you can always bring it home and then just in.

Case he likes it already you can just give it to him but it’s still worth to request the baby foot and because I’m traveling soon to Indonesia in January and I have to buy sit for him already and.

I couldn’t get the first row but I still.

Called an airline as soon as I booked the ticket because I want to get a good seat and also I’d.

Like to request a hot foot zone when it is a meal type your.

Kids can get their meal first and then after they’re done you can eat yours so remember to call the airline to request bassinets requires a good seat or it has baby food.

Or request hot food number four is always requests for aisle and window seats I did this and it was kind of successful a couple times and a couple times it was not so if you are traveling with.

A baby and you have two adults traveling with my mom before going to Montreal so you can sit on your aisle and then your mom can sit on a window and sometimes when the aeroplane wasn’t full nobody wants to sit on the middle seat so there’s a high chance that you will get the empty seat for you but from one channel to Vancouver and the flight was full so.

Somebody actually was Savannah Beto she doesn’t have try of course nobody like me does it right so if this happened you can always ask her which sit that you want like I’ll sit on window seat so you can change it with her I usually like to sit on the aisle and middle and if your baby is really small and you don’t.

Have to go back and forth I think windows it and middles it is good as well so your baby can have a quieter space by the plane oh that’s my pip always get a land window seat and you might get.

The turn fit for you number five is to use the upper backpack I think it’s a personal opinion but.

For me diaper backpacks so don’t use that by messenger bag because you can just have your hands-free and then if you have like stroller you can push your stroller and have your diaper backpack at the back so it doesn’t hurt your shoulder and I make a lot of what’s inside my diaper.

Bag video so make sure you check that out I have three of diaper bag that I made and one of them.

Favorite which is a yellow diaper backpack so I’m gonna put the picture here and.

I’m gonna put the link below as well number six is to use umbrella stroller usually at the check-in you just say oh you have umbrella stroller and you will want to get Hakman after check-in you can still put your baby in the stroller and then at the gate you can still.

Use your stroller it’s a lifesaver you don’t want to hold your baby all the way through the gate and to the plane you.

Will want to get check your umbrella stroller most of airlines they provide plastic bags so if you don’t have like a travel back for your solar it’s fine because if you want to.

Buy an Amazon you’re gonna it’s gonna cost you twenty dollars as well so I went with air canada west jet and cattle pacific they all have plastic back for your strollers so it will not damage.

Your stroller after you land you can just wait.

And then you they will bring your stroller you can just bring your baby through the immigration with your umbrella.

Stroller again so use umbrella stroller number seven is to feed or nurse your baby during takeoff and landing well I usually give my babies a bottle during takeoff and landing a couple times he was sleeping so I didn’t give him milk but.

I give him pacifier because he likes pacifier and then he was fine he doesn’t have earache or something and sometimes I heard if they have earache they can poop a lot so that’s why you have to bring extra.

Extra diapers on your carry-on but at the time you was okay doesn’t have everything was smooth number eight is to download Netflix or YouTube videos on your iPad or on your phone so I bring my iPad so at first I thought they will watch it as long how they will have TV on each sip but my son somehow that is not really interested with that TV so it’s worth it to bring your own iPad number nine is to buy formula and diapers a destination when I was shopping from Vancouver to Montreal.

I was ordering and for me formula and also diapers from Amazon first I just delivered to.

My brothers played in one trial but if you are staying at heart.

Of our B&B you can just buy a desk supermarket there because I think it’s not worth it to bring a lot of stuff if you have limited budget space when I was.

Travelling in Tunisia as well I use locals diaper and it’s really nice as well even though it cannot be friends he used Huggies when he hears in Canada so it’s thicker but the one in Indonesia they usually use like a Japanese brand and it’s lighter so because the weather.

Is hot so I think it’s nicer and.


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