10 Tips & Hacks Traveling With A Baby| Short & Long Haul| Angie Lowis

10 Tips & Hacks Traveling With A Baby| Short & Long Haul| Angie Lowis

Second item is Enfamil Obama brought like two big cans in Indonesia and somehow the milks.

Are cheaper there maybe because the factory is in Asia or something I don’t know but the price is cheaper.

It depends on your brand if you use Simula or Nestle or something check it first so whether your destination has that milk I checked with my sister-in-law Indonesia they said they helped unfamiliar in Indonesia so I didn’t bring a lot from here and I just bought a destination number 10 is to buy single pack Roma it’s a lifesaver when I travel to Indonesia so basically it’s an unfamiliar to fit it’s a powder but but one touch can make.

120 ml and that’s what my son drink at that time so it’s a lifesaver every time you need to make milk you can just tear it open and then put it on your bottles so you don’t have to scoop from like a big can or big plastic bag to your outer case and then keep refilling it because it was twenty two hour five.

A lot of milk so I can just hear it off so I use that when I travel from Vancouver to Indonesia and from Nareesha to Vancouver is such a lifesaver it’s.

A bit pricey but it’s not that deep oh I think it’s worth – in fact on that one and I’m travelling to Indonesia again so it all here will drink enfagrow so it looks like this this one can make 100 mils so I need to pack off this every time I make one bottle for him but it’s good for Cathay Pacific they provide you a lot of water bottle as well but my suggestion is to ask for.

More they all will also give you mineral bottle when it was the middle time but sometimes supply enough because my fan really likes to drink milk so make sure you save the middle bottle for him and at first I thought I need to buy me a bottle at airports so I.

Don’t need to because you can always ask at the airplane but just in case when.

You are on flight save it for them so yeah that’s my travel tips for traveling with a baby or a toddler so I hope this video is useful for you make sure you like and subscribe make sure you turn on that notification button I.

Also make another video on my traveling series I have what to pack on your carry-on for a long-haul flight.

What to pick on check-in baggage when traveling on a long-haul flight so I hope this video useful I did a lot of research before I travel so I’m going to share this with you and and stay tuned to see my other video thanks for watching bye.


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