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Babies First Food-daily Vlog 45

Hey guys good morning this morning we got all ready for church and now we cannot find the keys no church is already stor

Touching Base On Her Bio Dad

Something that you guys may not know is that we are actually putting on homeschooling Bella for kindergarten hey guys my

Newborn Baby Essentials And 1st Month Must Haves | Ysis Lorenna

On this video I’m gonna talk you through my essential products for life with a newborn baby during the first month these

Baby Haul (amazon) | Sohnbeardentv

Hi guys so today I want to make like baby shopping baby haul stuff we ordered some stuff from Amazon like mastico and I

Potty Training (smosh Babies #6)

Diaper changes like my favorite time of gaming shut up cartoons diaper changes like my favorite time of day man just get

Cutest Baby Smiles

– [Kristen] Chell,what’s going on outside? Kitty’s outside, oh my goodness. I don’t know if Sparta’sever been outside yo