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What Age Should Kids Wipe Their Own Bottoms? | Supernanny

On my first day I wanted to focus on parental skills because the children’s behavior is getting confused with the famili

Best Silicone Baby Spoon For Feeding Infant Kids & Children W/ Heat Resistant For Sterilizing

All right so we’re gonna check out the silicon baby spoon in this video as you can see here it is pink and it’s heat-res

Safe Sunscreen For Children With All Natural Ingredients

Life in the Sun is totally awesome but bro getting a sunburn is not at all lucky for me I have the true kid all natural

Trying To Walk For Ninja Turtle Fruit Snacks!

Let’s go soon a brooms up to we join Abram Ava wait I’m confused here hey everyone this is called Little Book of Bible d

Cutest Baby Smiles

– [Kristen] Chell,what’s going on outside? Kitty’s outside, oh my goodness. I don’t know if Sparta’sever been outside yo